February 2015

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Game File (Mac): 
Game File: 

Update: 21 April - I think this Mac build works. If you want to see the reference pictures of Taylor that the game is based on, you should download in addition, the PC build. Please tell me if this keeps happening!

Sequel to January 2015 and October 2015. Originally made in 2015, however, the flash drive it was stored on was corrupted, so I re-made a lot of what was there.

Loosely based on embellishments about the singer Taylor Swift's life during February 2015 and conspiracy theories about her on 4chan and real world events. Included is a folder with pictures I found on the internet related to each day in February of 2015 that I found in 2015. To limit the file size, I took some screen shots of videos I saved.

There is nazi symbolism in the game, but to be clear, I am not in support of fascism.

[Up, Down, Left, Right] - moves character
[Control] - interact with doors, people, and other objects
[>] - go to the next day
[<] - go to the previous day
[P] - password enter
(enter "Feb" and date
number to go to different
days, ex. Feb25, or Feb9)

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The keypress-based animated

The keypress-based animated sequences here are incredible. I found the plot hard to follow, but it seems like that's because it utilises actual incoherent conspiracy theories. It's amazing how distinct January 2015, October 2015, and this each feel from each other, despite sharing the same controls and visual style. I'd love to know what the other months could have been… could still be?

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thanks for playing!

I had always planned on making 12, but I wanted to finish this one first. Hopefully it won't take me 4 years to make the next one!

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i'm also really taken with

i'm also really taken with the keypress animated sequences, especially with the music. really makes me want to do more animation in my games