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A really, really shoddy Motocross Maniacs knock-off. For the first time in a while, I've actually made a Trainwreck that was, well, a Trainwreck! Done in TGF because that's what I first seriously used to make games as a kid.

If you've never heard of Motocross Maniacs, shame on you. Here's a video:

Shift to accelerate, and hold Up at the tops of ramps to jump higher off of them. I didn't feel like adding Nitro. Deal with it.

The loops are shitty path movement sequences where you collect items that don't mean anything. They are very important to collect in Motocross Maniacs, but not in Motocross TGF, because I was lazy and trying to create something shitty without any regard for quality. Enjoy.

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dooooo doo do do do dooo doo doo do


i think your recent games, especially the kotm50 one are funny as hell, and i wanted to say something about not being so hard on yourself, but then i realized that i know where you're coming from.
i'm still gonna continue my big joke game saga at least once more though with a true serious/joke game hybrid (and this time i swear to god it will be good-good).

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I had not heard of Motocross

I had not heard of Motocross Maniacs! It looks like it's basically Joe Danger for the Game Boy!

*goes to amazon and buys it for $0.01 plus shipping*

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Motocross Maniacs 2 for the

Motocross Maniacs 2 for the GBC is also good.