Honey, I Shrunk the Jogger

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Oh no, the Yellow Jogger is really small for some reason! Help him out by using the mouse! Left-click on objects like doors to interact with them. The Jogger will pick up some household items (one at a time) and carry them around. Right-click anywhere to make him drop the item. You want to guide the Jogger to the growth ray so he can unshrink himself.

Edit: Fixed level 5 so it actually requires the umbrella.

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Nice work. Good puzzles, not

Nice work. Good puzzles, not too frustrating in length.

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I LIKE IT the super mario


the super mario rpg sound effects are also GREAT

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This is awesome, EffBee.

This is awesome, EffBee. Totes awesome.

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I can't figure out the

I can't figure out the umbrella!

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The umbrella acts as a

The umbrella acts as a platform you can place wherever. You'll need to get a toaster up on it somehow.

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The solution has magically

The solution has magically appeared in my head! Now to try it out. Thanks.

EDIT: oh, was that the end? Well, that was still great!

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Source code release. Watch

Source code release for mojofltr. Watch out for ugly unrolled loops because looping in MMF2 sucks really bad. Also, the code is even WORSE thanks to MMF2 having horrible support for object groups - I had to duplicate code for a lot of stuff because of this.

ShrunkTheJogger_2.mfa1.89 MB