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Be aware that as I was making this I thought to myself "Wow, this kind of disturbing."

Anyway, the basic background for this is that I'm writing satiric Christian fanfic on this forum I go to. Since Knytt Stories is basically fanfic already I thought, why not make a Knytt level for it? This has two endings, by the way.

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Disturbing? Yes. But no more

Disturbing? Yes. But no more disturbing than a real Chick tract. Or is this a saved-fic?

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It is riffing on Chick

It is riffing on Chick tracts and saved-fics both! By the way, how did you manage to get into Unwinder's Tall Comics? It doesn't have a really big following, so I'm pretty shocked to see someone else that reads.
(Also, what did you think of the endings?)

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I found it via you (probably

I found it via you (probably on Talking Time) and possibly also L's Twitter feed (I have vague and potentially erroneous memories of it showing up there). I've only read recent ones, but the archives are on my to-read list.

I found both endings appropriate. The explosion ending was memorably creepy.