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The Worst Sin


An example of how one might address a horrible malady.

My first Twine game, including two endings and graphics on every page.
(As an aside, sorry the game takes some time to load. I'm surprised that Twine files don't compress graphics at all.)

To see the inspiration for this game, visit here:
(NOTE: those who follow along with the text will note I took some liberties in the order of the pictures. My apologies. I felt the illustrations worked better for the narrative in a different order.)

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Juni's Bible Adventures

tract info.png

Be aware that as I was making this I thought to myself "Wow, this kind of disturbing."

Anyway, the basic background for this is that I'm writing satiric Christian fanfic on this forum I go to. Since Knytt Stories is basically fanfic already I thought, why not make a Knytt level for it? This has two endings, by the way.

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Twitter's Branding Strategy


Twitter did a thing that annoyed me ( so I made a game about it.
Use the mouse to control Twitter’s Branding Standards Weapon and destroy all symbols that fail to accurately uphold Twitter’s all-important branding values.

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Wasps vs. Demons: A Love Story: Launch Day DLC


The hit romantic visual novel RPG gets a whole chapter of DLC -- on the day it was released! LUCKY YOU! It usually costs ten dollars, but this promotional copy sets you back ZERO DOLLARS. You could also get it by just buying the collector's edition, along with a digital artbook.

NOTE: This DLC was produced by Inchworm Studios; atuun software enterprises maintains no responsibility for the quality or content of the DLC product.

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