Treachery most fowl


You are a -COW-
To survive you must commit -MURDER-
Focus your -HATRED- on others to commit -MURDER-
-MURDER- all -COW- so you may live -TRAITOR-
Remnants of -COW- poisoned by -HATRED-
-COW- feeds upon -HATRED- becomes twisted and will -MURDER- the -TRAITOR-
Commit the greatest -CRIME-
Commit the greatest -ATROCITY-
All so you may live -TRAITOR-
Press space to begin the -ATROCITY-
Use WASD and mouse to commit -CRIME-


WASD moves your cow. Mouse aims the beam of hatred in the direction of the mouse pointer. Keep the beam focused on enemy cows to cook them alive and turn them into hamburgers. Do not eat the hamburgers or you will die. Enemies who eat hamburgers become stronger.

This is the first game I created for this site and the first Klik game I've made in 5 or 6 years.

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An event

Magic Mooshrooms


A snake game where you control a cow eating mushrooms. The more you eat, the more stoned you become and the less sense the world makes. KNOW YOUR LIMITS. Use arrow keys to move about

Kim Barrett, Thomas Kiley, Mark Fearnley
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An event
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'Til The Cows Come Home


You must find and catch cow number eight! Press spacebar on cow number eight to catch him. Press Q to give up. High score table for doing it the fastest!

Made For: 
Pirate Kart 2
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