femme fatale

Beneath Her Belly


This is a very quick game for three players around one keyboard.

Players 1 and 2: win the affection of the beautiful obese lady by pushing and squashing your rival beneath her. Your power meters determine the strength of your push.
Player 3: shift your weight to help your preferred player win. The other two players are expected to win your favour outside the game in order to earn your preference in-game. What form this takes is up to you and them.

A - Player 1 push.
L - Player 2 push.
V, B - Player 3 shift weight.

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Unlikely Arsenal


You are Baron van der Bandolier, and must blast a swarm of Fearsome Flying Femmes Fatale. You have two bouncing lasers, one shoe-cannon set, and one back-mounted grenade launcher. You can only fire all of these weapons at once, and if you get hit by one of your own shots, you die. In retrospect, your enthusiasm for weaponry may be your undoing.

Arrows: float
Space: shoot weapons.

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