1hgj - Sleepy Boy Wishes He Could Go Into a K-Hole and Just... Never Leave

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I've been doing the one hour game jam the past few weeks, it's pretty fun! I thought this one turned out pretty well so I thought I'd post it here. Unity is a tough tool to use for such a tight time constraint, I find myself putting a lot of work into figuring out what I can actually get unity to do in that time frame rather than working from any particular idea. Still, sometimes it pushes you to use your tools more creatively than you might otherwise do. The theme this week was "two colors." A benefit of making very abstract games is that you don't have to go much out of your way to make your game fit the theme.

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Curious Moments

This environment of yours struck me quite a bit. There were several different levels/perspectives to analyze at once, and my focus would shift from one to another: the controls, the pillars, the "white donuts," the tumbling block, the "checkered dunes," the "burning bushes"... I found it a wild space to wander around in.

I've attached that screen shot I mentioned to you in chat during the livestream.

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this would make a great Hallowe'en costume

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yes yes yes yes wonder ful:)

yes yes yes yes wonder ful:)

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Refreshing and agonizing

Loved it! Really enjoyed the multiple terrains and I'm wondering how you made it work

have been thinking about

have been thinking about this a lot!