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Introducing Passagebalt™

Passage™. Canabalt™. Two masterpieces of the indie game world. But what would happen were they to join forces? Passagebalt™ finally answers this question... and the answer is "the most amazing game of all time".

Passagebalt™. Because Life is a Race™.


Windows (original version, features full SID player)

Windows (no music)



Known issues:

In the original version, SXMS (or possibly Game Maker) is super-buggy. If you get an error message, try playing one of the other versions! The game also starts out of focus, probably because of the SID player I implemented out of pure foolish desire.

The HTML5 versions run a lot slower, but I feel they still communicate the idea sufficiently. The font is also way uglier in the HTML5 version as GameMaker HTML5 refused to scale it to the size I wanted. The music doesn't seem to loop in these versions, so try not to play for more than 2 minutes!

Attempt to credit everyone I ripped off:

Jason Rohrer
Creator of Passage, main character sprites, title font, concept

Adam Saltsman (Adam Atomic)
Creator of Canabalt, background / environmental art, sound effects, concept

Eric Johnson
Canabalt iPhone port

Danny Baranowsky (danny B)
Original music for Canabalt

Mikkel Hastrup (encore)
Commodore 64 song #1: 'Canabalt'

Niklas Sjösvärd (Zabutom)
Commodore 64 song #2: 'Space Fish'

Johannes Bjerregaard
Commodore 64 song #3: 'Rockbuster'

Jeroen Tel
Commodore 64 song #4: 'Golden Axe'

Tomas Danko
Commodore 64 song #5: 'Plastic Pop'

Alan Petrik (Factor6)
Commodore 64 song #6: 'Magic Afternoon'

Rob Hubbard
Commodore 64 song #7: 'Nemesis the Warlock'

Edwin van Santen
Commodore 64 song #8: 'PCW-Tune '88'

Thomas Mogensen (DRAX) & Søren Lund (Jeff)
Commodore 64 song #9: 'Beyond'

Anders Carlsson (Goto80)
Commodore 64 song #0: 'Datahell'

Mark Overmars
Game Maker 7

Brandon Rohrer (Shaltif)
SXMS WinAmp Wrapper for Game Maker


Peter Pawlowski
Nullsoft DirectSound Output

Zbigniew Ross
in_sidplay2 WinAmp module

Simon White
libsidplay2 engine

Dag Lem
reSID library

Zeh Fernando
Nokia Cellphone FC Small font

Panya Thanyaprasertkul

Sergio Cornaga
Director, additional art, concept, 'coding', 'design'

Sergio Cornaga
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An event


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Brilliant™. Just freaking

Brilliant™. Just freaking Brilliant™.

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If anyone was having trouble

If anyone was having trouble running this, I've uploaded a music-free version that should be less problematic.

Another mashup...

Canabalt + Dear Esther with a continuous stream of dialog that basically you can't stop

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I love the original games, this is an awesome mashup! I like how it states your cause of death. And you can jump over your potential wife if you nail it just right so you never meet her, haha!

I LOVE the C64 music, and it's HILARIOUS to me that you did all this work to integrate a crazy SID player into your game that caused a bunch of problems. I DID THE EXACT SAME THING WITH MY LUDUM DARE 23 GAME! Our music was given to us in NSF format so I converted it to a wav and added it to the game. But after the Jam, I though to myself, "I could make the download smaller if I just made the game play NSF files." One sleepless night later, I had written a Processing wrapper for the Game_Music_Emu java library and had a build of my game that could play the raw NSF file! Lo and behold, it was eating up precious CPU, causing stutter. Turned out to be a waste of time. But I learned stuff! Hope you did too.

Thanks for sharing!