Pest Control 360°

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A followup to my Batari Basic game Pest Control in Space. This time there's more bees, and the action is in 360 degrees! (Oops I rhymed)

Move the mouse left and right to move your ship along the perimeter. Hold the mouse button to fire. Destroy the hive and any remaining bees to progress to the next level. Hitting a bee with your ship will kill you. As you progress, the hive becomes larger, the bees spawn more frequently, and they descend more rapidly!

Press C to insert a credit, and S to start the game.

Also, if you stay on the title you can watch a little demonstration.

Update: Made a couple fixes. Redownload if you've already downloaded.

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This has a pretty good

This has a pretty good design to it.

I don't really understand how the mouse controls work. Wouldn't it be easier to just make spinning the mouse in a circle allow you to move in a circle, instead of having to drag it left and right over and over?

I also instinctively tried MAME's insert-credit keys (5 for coin, 1 for 1P start) before reading the important note.

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I chose these controls

I chose these mouse controls because they seemed like the most obvious thing at the time. Besides, Tempest controls the same way (at least, in the Microsoft Arcade version).

My main issue with the "point at the angle you want" control scheme is that your control sensitivity changes rapidly depending on how close your cursor is to the center of the screen. Plus, since the ship's movement speed is capped, it would also make control feel unresponsive.

Unless perhaps you mean to have the current control scheme but "left" and "right" are relative to your ship's current rotation? I think the issue here is that your mind has to constantly reprocess the direction you have to move the mouse in...

On the other hand, the problem I see with the current scheme is that the upper half of the screen just feels weird... During playtesting I found myself hanging around the bottom of the screen far more often than the top, causing the hive to drift away from the center of the screen as I was mainly chipping apart the lower half. I think the ultimate solution here would be to just rotate the whole screen so the ship is always facing up...

this feels pretty nice

It would be lovely to play with a dial. I found myself wishing for some kind of visual reward for beating the hive back; a hint of the neon colors on the title screen? I really just want every game to end in a screen-clearing explosion that makes my brain say, "hey". I liked shooting the bees but it was hard if they ever got too far away from the hive. Risk reward, I know.

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Oh man, I wish I had a

Oh man, I wish I had a trackball for this.

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"Source code" release. Watch

"Source code" release. Watch out for ugly unrolled loops since I didn't feel bothered to use Clickteam's version of for loops.

PestControl360_9_src.zip419.96 KB


All this in the world of klik n play... and what design, innovation, visuals, noises, this little item has it all.. as ascii jill of the jungle ad says: FAR BETTER THAN NINTENDO!

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Actually, this was made in

Actually, this was made in MMF2, not KnP. KnP doesn't have trigonometry, arrays, sprite rotation, ability to set the framerate to 60 FPS, etc.