World Of Explore

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What is the WoE?? Well! You're about to find out, huh!? Choose the right answer below:

VI) "Whatever, o, Emanuel": the only known line of a destroyed play by W. Shacklespare.

4) Many have spoken of a whole World of Exploration out there... something beyond the WORKZONE we all know and love. But first you'd need a MAPZONE to find your way there, and all know MAPZONES died out years ago!

A) Watermelon over Eggplant, a famous Canadian dish.

¢) Wonders of Edutainment, the previously infamous publisher of "classics" such as How To Drop Out Of School And Pursue A Non-Capitalist Lifestyle and Just Where Do Chicken Eggs Come From Anyways: Every Disgusting Detail You Never Wanted To Know. WoE closed in late 2059 after the sucess of the government-funded anti-public learning potential campaign.

B) To Explore other Worlds is illegal as going off-planet has been banned since 1988.

∞) Infinity and its lack in limit halt my quiz ability, as I can't act any; I am stuck running by my mind that significant acting against infinity is in grand vain.

eee) Pour Water on yer Enigma plants daily or else it will start thirsting for your blood.

Q) The most common letters, case included, in the star language spoken by the dreaded Queens of Space, when translated into English. Full alphabet by common-ness: WoEbBtJqrzaSIlpVmKOr. (Language Hyper-Literalists taking this exam: Please accept the alphabet arrangement offered here, as GloriousTrainwrecks does not endorse transposition of the language based on the DVORAK arrangment, only QWERTY. Thank you.)

H) Wall of Endisburgh.

¾) "wOe!", the name of the post-grunge soft~seapunk \chillwave/ nightcore band that is rocking the dance floors.

↑) All Of The Above

<) None Of The Above

↓) All Of The Below

⑧) Word Of Explode

When you are finished, draw the logo of the brand owner of yer favourite flavour of peach ice cream. Hand the sheets in to my desk and you will recieve your grade next Thur


- That's the description of the program on the back of the case of the new open-world, all-inclusive, klikware historical title, Just What Is The World Of Explore?, which attempts to unravel for the player the original prototype game that was the foundation for our current society. As a gamer, I found ...World Of Explore? to be highly satisfying: with SIX whole customizable* characters who can each explore THREE massive locations in highly unique ways (such as: snowman can move left or right, singer can move left or right, jogger can move left or right and up slightly if you glitch the game), players have many reasons to replay it over and over.

This is the only highlight of WoE?, unfortunately. The sound design is awful: there is no consistency between interaction sounds, which all sound like they're from random sources. Music inside of the game appears to be, to my finely tuned ears, entirely composed of MIDIs that should not have seen the light of day. I will admit though, the title theme Welcome To The World Of Explore! by Dj Ruffty is such a great track! I give Music such a high score below only because of this.

Finally, on the visual side, things get a little better. Honestly, I just appreciate the sheer effort put into making every scene ridiculous and overblown. Sometimes, it feels like the art team was just trying to make something be totally differnt from everything else. The lack of cohesion in the art design (yet again, I feel like almost everything is taken from some clipart package or some such) does the narrative of the game harm though, almost to the point that I would call it anti-ludological.

That's every component of a Game covered: Replay, Sfx, Muses, and Sight. Also every sense we evolved humans have.


Replayability: 15/10
Sound: -5/10
Music: 3/10
Visual: 5/10
Overall: 10/10/100

* Only WoE? PRO version only lets you augment your characters on the fly. I'm a skirted train driver with five arms, two feet, who walks around in a bathtub. What are YOU?

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I'm sold on the description

I'm sold on the description alone, how do I buy the PRO version?

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PRO Mail Order Catalog

Sorry! We're out of PRO versions. Please wait 500 days before trying to order again.

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I've actually played this

I've actually played this now and it's pretty great. I love the sound effects so much. I also love that you included them in a separate folder. Where are they from? Could I use them in things?

I have marked September 3, 2015 on my calendar.

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September 3, 2015: The Day The Earth Flies Into The Sun?

Thank you!! Most of the sound effects are from a wide array of sample packs I've downloaded over the years and skimmed for ridiculous ones. They're in seperate folders cause the game actually plays them from there :O! I use DMC2 or whichever for TGF1 to play most sounds in MP3, to prevent the sound lag error. And yeah, go ahead and use them!! I got them all royalty free, so it's not like anything is owed to *me*.

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Hi, I'd like to retry my PRO version order.

Hi, I'd like to retry my PRO version order.

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"Here IS Your Order!" - Wonders Of Edutainment CEO

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I've already mentioned it on

I've already mentioned it on IRC, but I think this is really great. Here are my favorite NPCs, in no particular order:

Pizza Patient

Oh, and I chose to play as the Astronaut.

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Ooh, good picks!

I don't even remember the boxer character :O

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The boxer is the one hiding

The boxer is the one hiding under the umbrella on the beach.

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Oh ya! I totally forgot that

Oh ya! I totally forgot that was a boxer sprite originally.

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Bug report: It is possible

Bug report: It is possible to spawn to the right of the haunted house and get stuck there.

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I'm honestly not sure why

I'm honestly not sure why that happens, but it's ilke whatever. you can always just go back to the map screen!!

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oh man that is some

oh man that is some BEAUTIFUL klik and art there

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thank ye

thank ye

This may be belated, well

in the case here I'll go with the never too late stance. Even though I was silent about it because I didn't enjoy it the way it was initially presented, I rolled with it. At the time I was in a video chat that isn't quite video and I was chatting amongst my best pals and I wanted to play the game but didn't want to do the headphones thing, so it was kind of like presenting eyes for the first time and others got a glimpse of it without the audio experience, but I dunno, I didn't know how to interpret and relay the message, only share the screen amongst and describe how the clipart is and what it is and what it means to another world. Uhh, I initially heard about it during the busy times which is april of so much bustling and confusion to be had for everyone. Spring was acting all springy but still nice and cold, and getting old wasn't so slinky as the storms had passed here. But needless not, fun was had all around the screen huddle, and the inauguration torch was passed lightly if not slightly.

Naturally I'm happy to see a touch of marmar painter in here and I'm glad going through the trouble to make the library in TGF so it could be backwards compatible to at least that far rendered itself useful in this current presentation and form. I noticed occasionally an inspirational sprite that the mareons don't use much got mingled in there and those were good mingles. the Payne program kind of had those clipimages in mind mingled with the always classic clip art gallery.

made on the newer technology would've been cool but it's always an honor and tradition to make it in tgfff because it gives you the tgfeels and I can see no other way myself to overcome the hurdles presented in the more flexible sequels. If it was up to me I'd make a new the games factory and just take the factory out and call it TG3. But I"m not the technician guy!!~~~ arrar yep.

The actual presentation is quaint in that it feels like you expect there to be be more in there but so much is in there and it's like it's almost presented in a new way but it just sort of flows. Nice choice on the createahero in the like, good controls, it's all in there and it's available to know what to do without any thorough readit text though readery of readiness. Umm,

Taht OD T NAC I ON E MOSe Kam Stel E MoRD NiLAP Palindrome let's make some no i can't do that

I can't go back and read that palindrome I tried creating on the fly because looking back on it will cause brain to stasis and go into NAP MODE like when I was making it. Takes a lot out of you. That's what this game is like so that's why I will go ahead and adhere to a recommendation to play it when you yourself are ready to delve into the WORLD OF EXPLORE(r) because anticipation like that can be quite rewarding, but I'm gonna go ahead and leave the r at the end implied because that could be you! it doesn't have to be though.. that's why there's things around it. Enjoy and uhh great work to the OP, HERE HERE!

Proofreading this and going back in time will delay this send so I"m gonna go ahead and scroll up and just check the red underlines. I'd hate to recant and change hisrtory so I'll append in other isolated incident comments.

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thank you for the big up

thank you for the big up comment as so often, :)