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Ornament Smash


I reskinned an Astrosmash example I made a while back. You're now blowing up XMas ornaments instead of asteroids, and shooting Santa/Elf/Mrs. Claus Heads instead of UFOs.

Use the ARROW KEYS to move your Orna-woman LEFT or RIGHT.

Throw candy with the SHIFT KEY.

Press UP to toggle autofire mode.

Press and hold DOWN to activate your Snowglobe Shield. This blocks everything, but has a limited battery. It will slowly recharge over time.

There are also powerups that let you throw more candy or move back and forth faster.

Enjoy and THANK YOU FOR PLAY! Hope you're enjoying the holiday season. :)

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This Might Be Passage

Game File: 

"You're older than you've ever been and now you're even older." - They Might Be Giants, "Older"

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Table Quiz

Game File: 

Participate in the Table Quiz

Controls: Arrows and Space

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Pirate Kart 2


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A dating simulator involving randomly generated sugar-based euphemisms. Keep talking or quit while you're ahead?

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Spectre VR: The Cyberpunk Novella

Spectre VR is based on something called virtual reality, or cyberspace. By reading this chapter, you will become acquainted with the underlying concepts, so that you may understand how the game is played.
Anyway, hope you like cyberpunk. Here's some for you to read.

Starts on page 11. Not quite as insane as the Captain Blood novella, but I haven't seen this one on the internet anywhere.

It goes without saying that it has absolutely nothing to do with the actual game. I used to read this thing over and over and try to figure out how it had anything at all to do with driving around picking up flags and squares and shooting low-poly tanks or whatever. It doesn't, but it stuck with me.

Spectre VR Manual.pdf7.28 MB
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Soccer Judge: The Revenge

Game File: 

Made in literally 10 minutes, mostly by my friend Liam.

An epic tale of revenge.

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I totally just made my first game in Construct for Pirate Kart II! Yes! I am very happy about it! Yay for throwing poop!

I also think Windows Offender is GAME NUMBER 370 of 371! I can't believe I just barely made it in! SO LUCKY!

Also, I want to get KnP working on Windows 7 64-bit. If any folks have solid ways of doing this or need a tester, I am here for you.

Rock out!

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Vector eats food


Vector is mega hungry.
He needs 10 pinguoins to feel ok.

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A work in progress: Poor Thing


Hello everybody.

It has been a long time. As you may easily check, the last thing I submitted was three years ago. Through this time I have not been dead but had to redirect my priorities somewhat. I was busy, making music and minions.

However, already in 2010 I started working on a project, only this time I wanted to create something gigantic. I have been working on it since, in short bursts of creative passion. It is slowly taking shape. Due to the self-imposed scale of the project, it is going take a long time to complete. It is hard to tell if I am even halfway through.

I intend to use all available levels. Did you know there is a level limit of 255 in KNP? I checked.

There is going to be a backstory, a mystery, a mythology, a bestiary. There is going to be creepiness, solitude, heavy, brooding, melancholic atmosphere.

Since the beginning of this year I made a decision to work on the game at least every other day. The optimistic release date is within 1 year. The pessimistic/more realistic version is 2 years from now.

Although I did not have much time lately, I have been popping by from time to time. I love yous dearly. I hope I will finish the damn thing. It is big and complicated and frightens me sometimes.

Take care!

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Toast Master

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It is a hard journey to become the Toast Master.
Toast the bread to the target level.
Catch the toast at its apex.
6 different toasting ranks

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