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Nitty Gritty

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A bunch of colourful sprites that were rejected by various videogame projects have banded together to star in their own game, which they've called "Nitty Gritty". Time to fire up that minigun, Nitty!

Z or Space - let 'er rip
Arrows - slip and weave

There are 17 opponent sprites. If one of them slips past the bottom of the screen, it may evolve into a new form and reappear later in the game. Exactly 8 of them are capable of evolving... some of them more than once.

After the game ends, you see a roll call of all the soundly defeated sprites.

EDIT: Updated Oct. 2011 with a title screen, music, and save files.

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Boring Cockpit game in VR Studio

Wordrescue and I had a plan to make an entry for the Tigsource.com Cockpit Compo, but a combination of forgetting about the compo until the day before the end of the extended deadline, and not having any particularly concrete ideas resulted in a game about being bored while playing a Virtual Reality Studio game. Behold the amazing combination of my uninspired 3D city and WordRescue's clever pixelart cockpit:

The mouse-only controls are in red around the cockpit, placed in unintuitive and annoying locations The meter on the left measures how bored and upset with the game you're becoming. First time I've ever got one of those status bars to work in a 3D Construction Kit game!

In an effort to avoid dying of boredom, you can try to fight a gigantic enemy crab (shown glitching during its space-invaders attack pattern). Even targeting his weak point for massive damage does little to stop the fatal tedium.

Inevitably the boredom meter maxes out, and you die.

Other interesting facts: even though I set the initial conditions and default border, the stand-alone executable doesn't load correctly until you reset the game at least once. We might try to work on it again later, but not unless we get a good idea of what it should be about.

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Io Saturnalia!

Io Saturnalia! b.png
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PS: The game takes a while to load after the 'Unity' screen. It will work, though.

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Party Guy

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a really bad game that's really good for being bad.
press space as the spacebar symbol is on the gray rectangle!
A lot of the time, the game is broken. but at least it counts as a game!

RedAnt (Eddy Liaboh)
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Wallet Stealer

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you are a poor man and you need to buy food. steal dem wallets, but be careful! don't get caught!

Brain Damage Games
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Yo dawg, I heard you like FPS' so we put an FPS in your FPS so you can drive while you walk.

If you have weird crashy problems mentioning openal this might fix it: http://connect.creativelabs.com/openal/Downloads/oalinst.zip

Jonathan Whiting
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Space Jumper

Space Jumper.PNG
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Try to reach the STAR by using your magical SPACE JUMP! But mind your JUMP POWER - you wouldn't want to collide with any SPACE SPIKES!

I have a bad feeling this idea may have been done before

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Pirate Kart 2
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ChickenFall: ChickenCatch

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In this first fresh, fast, and furious action-puzzle spin-off of the CHICKENFALL franchise, use your mouse to poke and prod the falling chickens into the nests. Look out for bombs! CATCH THOSE CHICKENS.

Mouse: Aim fingers
Left mouse button: Poke with left finger
Right mouse button: Poke with right finger

HINT: Holding down the mouse button longer will extend the fingers farther.

John D. Moore
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I totally just made my first game in Construct for Pirate Kart II! Yes! I am very happy about it! Yay for throwing poop!

I also think Windows Offender is GAME NUMBER 370 of 371! I can't believe I just barely made it in! SO LUCKY!

Also, I want to get KnP working on Windows 7 64-bit. If any folks have solid ways of doing this or need a tester, I am here for you.

Rock out!

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An abstract political debate game for two players.

Made for the Adelaide Game Jam 2014 in a tiny amount of time. The theme was "reaction."

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