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Ghostie Plays Minesweeper


Cross the minefield as many times as possible for a high score!

Arrow Keys

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update i guess



apologies for shilling commercial stuff here but i figured this would be appropriate epilogue to marker games: i finally got around to compiling them and putting together a commerce pack (PC only at the moment, but i plan to buy the html5 exporter with monies from this version). it's at my website here http://harmonyzone.org/50SHORTGAMES.html .
The idea of MONETIZE THE PIRATE KART is kind of a dubious achievement but oh well. i really liked making all the games n hope to go back to releasing semi regular things here at some point n hope maybe the idea of weird commercial compilation loaders for trainwreck games catches on. i love multicarts and scrappy stuff so anything that encourages it seems ok to me.

hope ya have a good year in 2014,
stephen XOXOXO

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A Quick One (Knytt Stories)


Here is a short, simple Knytt level. I tried to stretch myself a little, narratively speaking, by telling a story with as few words as possible, but I don't think I was entirely successful. Oh well!

Trivial trivia: This is not the first level I started that takes its title from a Who song, but it is the first one that I finished! Also, note that the song and level have absolutely nothing besides the title in common. (I think.)

Edit: Fixed a really obvious void. Like, dang girl, what was I thinking, leaving a void like that unaccounted for?

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stanley melberg: enchanted accountant

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a game.

arrow keys, particularly up.

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The Alien Zit

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Alien Zit is a game nearly eighteen years in the making! Using the most advanced digitized speech technology that money could buy in 1989, you will become immersed in a virtual reality simulation of the zit cream bottle selection process unlike any other you have ever seen. Includes authentic WordPerfect 5.1 documents from 1993, and .wav files of 11 year olds saying "farrrrrt".

Ported to work on modern machines thanks to QB64.

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If you looked at the GloriousTrainwrecks.exe page, you might've noticed I posted about making a Pirate Kart II-esque jukebox for it. (If you don't know, Pirate Kart II had a jukebox on the top corner containing songs made by the community.)
ExciteMike mentioned that he got people on Twitter to talk about a music-making event. What happened with that?

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Shupa Junee Advenetur (Requires Knytt Stories +)


Don't think living to play good knytt games, you might encounter a worser, harder one of this:

Shupa Junee Advenetur.

You must go through the flying desert and the monster dungeon filled with maximum traps and deaths, can you do it?
WARNING: This level requires you to have installed the Knytt Stories + mod, if you don't have it, get it here: http://egomassive.com/ks/

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Untilted Game - PuzzleScript Port


This was the second PuzzleScript game that I made! It's a fully functional port of my Untilted Game, minus level skipping and deadlock notification. Included are all 20 of the original levels.

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Space Sphinx


Made by Snapman.

Enjoy your last cosmic meal. BYE!!

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Army Of 2 Gears Versus the Elder Scrolls

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In this epic tale of future meets fantasy control your two gearsoldiers and save the ancient land from a mystical evil. Features experimental bloom effects that are so experimental they don't work half the time and a cover system where you have to stand behind objects to take cover. An exciting action packed game.

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Pirate Kart 2
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