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we're putting together a compilation of games to submit to the INDEPENDENT GAMES FESTIVAL! someone has offered to cover the entry fee, so this is your chance to be part of it!

have you made klik of the month games, text adventures, visual novels, adventure game toolkit games, anything? or feel free to make something new, right now!

EXCITEMIKE is generously compiling all of the games into a single compilation! send your games to him at MIKE AT MEYERMIKE DOT COM. the deadline is monday at midnight, but please don't wait to the last minute! RESPECT MIKE'S RIGHTS

if you have the multimedia fusion flash games exporter, please volunteer to convert some klik and play games to flash! it'd help a lot!

some discussion has already gone on in this thread.

Games made for LET'S ALL GO TO THE IGF!

SSStop Me

Game File: 

This is inspired by netgrind's SSSnake series (which was made into the compilation game Snakes on a Cartesian Plane). It was also primarily inspired by the "dreams" in Run, as well as DefeatMe.

Eat the yellow squares. Eating two yellow squares will create a new snake for you to control, turning the old snake into a looping obstacle.


Arrows - direct the snake. You can wrap around the screen.
Other keys - press when you die to restart.

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spreading the disease


Yes, I wrote about Pirate Kart 2 on my very own blog on one of the biggest gaming forums in my country. As you can see, somewhere between foreign Mid-Europeran babbling I stacked screenshots of some more eye-jabbing productions. I wonder if anyone will join this event now...

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The Cat's Misadventurous Adventure


This was my first game when i was on Windows Vista and started to use Klik n Play. You guide the cat into the Moon mens as walls and avoid the devil faces, when the cat dies, it emits a wolf sound.

Old description:

This is a stupid game i made for no reason, it consists a cat's stupid adventure.
Arrow keys - move your cat
Fire 2 - jump!!!!1
G - Restart the fuckin' level

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YouLostTheKeysToTheHouse ButYouAreInJail

Game File: 

Thanks Dattorz!
Theme was turning into a monster from sergio!
Have fun! Stay safe!

If you played the first version of the game, don't press [Y] press [space]. If you just downloaded the game, press [Y]

New Edit:
I changed the title so it fits in the space nicely.

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"There's a hole in my head..."

A flickgame/

Quite serious problems/

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Depths and Also Widths


Explore the depths or maybe the widths in what may be the worst Knytt Story ever made. This is my first one, and it's pretty dang bad.

A note: Depths is a lot easier if you move towards the center of the screen. Be sure to check out the ending- it's the best part of the game.

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breakoutinthe dark

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i never find conditions

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I make games from scratch. Or should I say...with Scratch? ahahah

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Pirate Kart 2
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i'm cool

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this is a cool game for cool people

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