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Recording Video

Hi all,

I'm Ben and I'm a freelance designer. I've mostly worked for Dan Marshall's Size Five Games, specifically on Ben There, Dan That! and Time Gentlemen, Please!

As Dan and I have mentioned in a few interviews, we started designing games as teenagers on KnP and GF. People have shown interest in seeing these old, terrible games of ours, so I dug out the floppies. One of them was a one-disk game and easy to sort out (free download here: http://www.sizefivegames.com/forum/index.php?topic=4182.0).

I'm trying to record some videos of a couple of Games Factory games. They work fine in Windows 7, but Fraps just won't record them. Before I start trying out CamStudio and other (free) alternatives, is this a known issue that has a workaround? I've tried a couple of different frame rates in Fraps' settings to no avail.


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Chainwreck 2 and 1/2: Sequelitis Spectacular!

Sat, Mar 17 2012 09:00 PM
03/18/2012 - 00:00
03/24/2012 - 23:59

Since the Knytt Stories collab was a success I figured we might as well go on ahead with a more general game dev-oriented chainwreck. Of course, there's a small issue with that.

A lot of people are now on 64-bit Windows or a different operating system altogether. Klik & Play usage has dwindled considerably in favor of other game development tools. For Pirate Kart V, I saw a pretty good mix of tools, including Klik & Play, Multimedia Fusion 2, Game Maker, Flash, and Unity, just to name a few. A chainwreck where everyone uses the same tool and produces a single game will be hard to facilitate.

Instead I'm proposing something different: we will implement this chainwreck in the form of separate games that are sequels to one another! Yes, that's right! Here's how it'll work:

- The first participant creates "Episode 1". It will establish the main character and scenario and provide the first three(?) levels. At the end there will be a cliffhanger or two for the next person to pick up on. The participant creates a standalone and submits the episode as a game.
- The second participant creates "Episode 2". It will build upon the first episode, maybe address one of the cliffhangers presented earlier, maybe not. More levels created, perhaps more material for future participants to build upon. The participant creates a standalone and submits the episode as a separate game to the first one.
- The third participant picks up on this and etc. etc.

Basically, participants will be free to use whatever tools they want and design their own sequel however they choose - perhaps one person's section of the game is a whole new genre or minigame, or it might just build upon the gameplay established by the previous entry. Design your entry however you like, as long as it has some tangible connection to the previous games by scenario.

Coming soon-ish after KotM #57.



Games made for Chainwreck 2 and 1/2: Sequelitis Spectacular!

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Game File: 


Two PROTOFLESHLINGS will take on BRIDALCOMBATANT status and compete in BAN-BA-BOUND in order to have their LOVE acknowledged by society so they can ascend to the MARRIAGE STATUSPHERE.

BAN-BA-BOUND is a challenge for 1 or 2 BRIDALCOMBATANTS within a strict time limit.

[THE ARROW KEYS] control the EXPECTICANT: REACH the DIFFERENTLY COLORED ELECTROPLASMOID in the far corner of the MARRIAGE GRID whereupon you will become the ABSORPTIONATRIX and earn the capability to DEVOUR the (previously dangerous) ELECTROPLASMOIDS before the timer reaches ZERO POSSIBILITY OF SUCCESS.

*IMPORTANT* Contact with the dangerous ELECTROPLASMOIDS while in EXPECTICANT mode will leave behind a burnt huskflesh BLOCKADE and your body will be reconstituted back at the point of origin.

[THE MOUSE] controls the PROTECTRESS: USE your magnificent body to DEFLECT the dangerous ELECTROPLASMOIDS and GUARD the EXPECTICANT as they strive for ABSORPTIONATRIX status. Contact with a huskflesh BLOCKADE will disintegrate it.

PRO-TIP: The practice of strategic self-sacrifice blockading has proven useful in the past.

PRO-TIP: F2 to reset.

(The in-game music is from Wizards & Warriors)

Libra V. Lahaie
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Fatty Rain

Game File: 

The rain always puts me in a contemplative mood. It gets me asking questions. Why is it raining hamburgers? What is wrong with my metabolism? Who installed all these toilets? And what does this all have to do with the Cattle Killer? I don't know if I'll ever find out the answer to these questions. All I know is that I need to keep on fighting.

Arrows: Move
Shift: Jump/Confirm

Credits: Uses Pencerkoff's fat guy sprite from Assemblee and a ton of KNP klip art. Flash port courtesy of bc_. I no longer remember where I got the MIDI versions of "Why Don't We Do It In The Road" and "Let The Rain Fall Down" from.

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Pirate Kart 2
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Power Up?


Shoot down aliens! 5000 weapons to choose from! (No, seriously.) Also, there's a boss!

Does this fit the theme? Quite definitely! Nothing says "Pokemon" like "massive amounts of stuff that nobody needs or will ever find useful!"

Okay, so it doesn't make any sense, but it only took an hour. So there.

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For ExciteMike: ExciteFlight


Take to the skies in ExciteFlight, a game for two players! Steal as much gold as you can from the sky, but watch out for the cloud gods trying to protect their treasure!

Press Enter to begin. The basics are explained on the title screen and in-game.

This should hopefully satisfy all of ExciteMike's wishlist items:

- being funny! (I hope)
- chasing (dogfighting)
- being chased (cloud gods)
- combos (your gold gets scattered when you die, I guess that's close enough to a combo system)
- unusual movement schemes
- speed increasing as you play (a bit hard to notice but it's there)
- momentum (turning is momentum based, but kinda hard to notice)
- not even being able to control speed at all
- multiplayer

As a bonus, it also features a soundtrack taken from Donkey Kong 94!

An explanation of the different Special Events settings:

None - No special events. Good for getting a feel for the game.
Random - The first two rounds don't have special events. All other rounds will feature either a cloud god or a dogfight, chosen at random.
Dogfight Only - All rounds are dogfights.
Cloud Gods Only - All rounds feature a randomly chosen cloud god.
Crazy - In this special mode, both dogfighting and the cloud gods are featured simultaneously!

Keep in mind that this game has had no actual multiplayer testing. I'm not sure how balanced it is, but I did try to make some careful design considerations, EG. the ammo spawns at a random time during dogfight events, so let me know if I need to tweak anything. It also might have one or two small bugs left, and I was hoping to add some more cloud gods/tweakable settings. I might continuously update this thing, but for now I think it's ready for initial release.

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The memory menu

You want the menu ? Then find the pairs!

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Army Of 2 Gears Versus the Elder Scrolls

Game File: 

In this epic tale of future meets fantasy control your two gearsoldiers and save the ancient land from a mystical evil. Features experimental bloom effects that are so experimental they don't work half the time and a cover system where you have to stand behind objects to take cover. An exciting action packed game.

Made For: 
Pirate Kart 2
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Escape the Room Game Game

Picture 8.png

You hate this room. You must escape it.

Made For: 
Pirate Kart 2
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