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The Magical Maze -You can not escape, but you might as well try- (Dungeon Ver.)

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Randomly generated maze, different every time! Can you escape or will you be trapped forever...?

Hedge Ver.

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An event
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Eater of meaning attacks GT?

I was logged out earlier and noticed alot of the words were eater-of-meaning-ized.
Is this intenional?

Lunar Legume

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Lunar Lander, but you plant your ship on the green pads to give future selves speed boosts! Created for Indie Game: The Movie: The Queue: The Game Jam at GDC in ~2 hours

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An event
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Reverse-engineering Klik & Play .IMG files

Inspired by qrleon's painstaking hand-capture of some of Klik & Play's most glorious sprites, I decided to look into how hard it would be to crack the Klik & Play file format.

As it turns out, it wasn't really that hard at all! Reverse engineering is kind of fun. And I discovered 010 Editor in the process, which is all kinds of badass.

I'm pretty sure I now have enough information to batch extract raw bitmap data, if I just knew exactly what KNP's colour palette was. I think the simplest way to find out is just to take a screen grab of the sprite editor and slurp up the colours from that.

The on-screen colour palette maps onto colour indexes like so:

0 16 32 ... 240
1 17 33 ... 241
2 18 34 ... 242
... ... ... ... ...
15 31 48 ... 255

except for one cute trick. The first colour, 0, doesn't actually map to 0, it maps to some other black elsewhere in the palette (207, IIRC). 0 is the transparent colour.

I'm not sure yet if there's any way to tell, just given the .img file, which images correspond to which objects, animations, etc. I'm guessing that there probably isn't, which is unfortunate, as .gam files are a lot more complicated. (There's all kinds of friggin' garbage data in them.)

I've attached the 010 Binary Template that I whipped up while I was figuring out the Klik & Play .img file format, to help future generations of people who want to reverse-engineer the Klik & Play file format. I also loaded that last sentence up with keywords so that Klik & Play hackers might find this page via Google.

knp.bt1.1 KB
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Michael Tucker(R)'s Eyebrow Quest!

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You are an epic adventurer embarking on an epic quest to have epic facial expressions! Participate in epic dual-action eyebrow controlling action and use the epic power of your facial expressions to conquer epic quests! But don't get an epic curse from one of the monsters!

Controls : WASD Controls your left eyebrow, IJKL controls your right eyebrow.

All credit for this idea goes to Michael Tucker. Blame him.

Marek Kapolka
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An event
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Klik of the Month Klub #79

Sat, Jan 18 2014 05:00 PM
01/18/2014 - 16:00
01/18/2014 - 18:00

The Klik of the Month Klub meets right here on this very website on the third Saturday of every month at 4pm Pacific Time (taking daylight savings into consideration) for a two hour Klik & Play Showdown. Everyone who participates gets two hours to create something from scratch in Klik & Play. Abusing the stock objects is encouraged. If you really loathe Klik & Play you can use whatever game development platform you want. Two hours is a pretty tight time limit, though, so choose wisely!

Klik & Play is absolutely free to download, and learning it takes minutes, so everyone can get in on the action.

Want to talk to your fellow Klikwreckers? Join us on IRC -- server irc.freenode.net, channel #glorioustrainwrecks. We've also got a Mumble voice chat server -- just connect to glorioustrainwrecks.com using Mumble and you can talk to us like real human beings! Join the mayhem!

After you've made your game, you should upload it here!

For more information, check out the KotM N00B FAQ.

Sign up using the "Sign Up" tab above if you want to get reminded by email the day before the klikkening begins!

Games made for Klik of the Month Klub #79

Shooting stuff

Game File: 

Press Z to destroy red and X to destroy blue! The points given for destruction will increase as they move farther down the screen!

Made For: 
An event


Game File: 

you are the earth's last hope

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Made For: 
An event
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Rylie James Thomas

I make the best gams.



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Pirate Kart 2
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Horses, Tortoises and Goalies


Intercept the tortoises in this super-action adventurish gorgeous epic game. up and down moves.

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An event
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