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Don't Copy That Floppy

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Avoid committing the heinous sin of SOFTWARE PIRACY! Get to the store to pay for this software!

--== CALL THE ROLLY JOGGER ELITE BBS 365-689-3321 ==--

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Pirate Kart 2
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I will do game (Super Bros)

I totally intend to do a belated GT 2nd birthday game because I didn't have any ideas for games to post on the day. It will be a platformer because hey, platformers are the genre that you can ruin the quickest in TGF.

Watch this space.



It's basically the beginning of a Metroidvania game about retrieving tacos. I didn't come further than that... but has a proper ending, promise!

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this one's for mno


I've been dedicated to the irc front of the ug for a while... yes it's #glorioustrainwrecks on irc.freenode.net and for those who already idle about on irc servers this channel is probably one of my fav and if I ever tell someone "hey get on irc" i'll be hitting this one..

This is made possible by people like SpindleyQ, linhat, effbee, Smedis2, mojofilter, ray, pirate_sephiroth and those who make their presence applicable either just to say hi, but I'm really making this post to promote irc awareness and there's a being that makes it worth the while.

That's mno.. It isn't much but he got like older the other day. like a couple decades i'm assuming is his age but of course he's wise beyond his years and I've been viewing games in this ug for a while and I've always been impressed by not only his releases but the way he has them written up. When he makes a cover page for something he goes out of his way to make it count, and that's why we shout out his birthday or at least I do.

So yeah join irc if not just to catch mno riding dirty, or maybe with his pals goto and chie, or whatever. If you're looking for inspiration, he's a good go-to but don't overdo it... He needs inspiration too. That's why I picked this link where like if he's ever feeling a lack of it, and he doesn't want to look at the klip art on days when he's feeling down, he can go here.. It's a little last second since his birthday was the other day, but as we all know....


so enjoy this long url from yahoo images cuz I thought it'd add to the value and keep on doing your thing sir.


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Mario in Space


It's a game I played many, many years ago (and failed to beat) when I first discovered fangaming. To this day, I still consider it to be a memoriam of what fangaming used to consist of: Clever, unique ideas and environments spoiled by ridiculous bugs and broken gameplay mechanics.

Decided to dig it up again, and... holy shit I can't even get close to beating this. I got up to 1-4 several times before giving up momentarily. I'll keep trying until I beat it. Hopefully.

Something you should probably know: Restarting the game does NOT reset your laser ammo to 30. It's a pitfall you should watch out for, but you can also abuse this mistake to start the game out with 99 lasers.

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a difficult plingpling level

the easiest way to complete this is to utilize collision bugs

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An event

Klik 'n' Play

Due to technical reasons, the title of this article differs from the proper title. The title of this article should be: Klik & Play

Klik & Play was the first in the line of 'Klik' products produced by Clickteam. Released in 1994, Klik & Play was a revolutionary way for users to make games quickly and easily. Users could define any number of 'frames', or levels, within which the games took place, then drop in premade or custom graphics, and assign behaviors to them with an Excel-style coding interface. Unlike some game creation programs which only allowed a very limited amount of creativity, and were usually restricted to a single genre, Klik & Play provided an open canvas upon which users could create a wide variety of games within the comfort of Windows, and then distribute their games as standalones, so even users without Klik & Play could enjoy them.

Klik & Play has not aged well. However, it is quite popular among trainwreckers for this very reason. It is incredibly buggy (in a "so-bad-it's-good" way), outdated, and also imposes a number of challenging restrictions on users. These novelties alone make Klik & Play attractive to many, although repulsive to others. There is also a bundled library of premade, low-quality graphics and sounds, many of which have become injokes among trainwreckers.


  • Games are divided into 'frames': add any number of different levels and screens into your games.
  • An assortment of (hilariously bad) premade graphics, with the ability to import graphics (somewhat buggy)
  • A number of pre-built movement systems that can be assigned to objects (most being quite buggy): Mouse, Eight Directions, Race Car, Platform, Bouncing Ball, Path, Static (no movement, usually for users to create their own movement systems)
  • Automatic animation system changes animation sequences in response to the pre-built movements
  • A Step-Thru Editor for absolute beginners, which runs the game, pausing it when certain events occur in the game and asking the user what actions to take
  • An Excel-like Event Editor for more experienced users, providing the full set of events and actions for scripting more complex behaviors in games
  • Built-in lives and score displays with customizable graphics, plus number counters which may be hidden, or displayed as a number or bar
  • 256-color graphics (16-million colors on old machines supporting the special graphics driver)
  • Playback of WAV and MID audio


  • Klik & Play is old, and for that reason supports few file formats. Digital music must be uncompressed into WAV files, and the Picture Editor is picky about importing.
  • There is a limit of approximately 250 Active Objects being present at any point while the game is running. When this limit is reached, no new objects can be created, and collisions will stop working.
  • There is no native support for scrolling. It is possible to give your frames a different size than the game window: a frame smaller than the window will be centered with borders surrounding it, and a frame larger than the window will show only the top-left-most portion. Klik & Play does not provide any facilities for changing which portion of the frame is displayed inside the game window. It is possible that the developers may have intended to add this feature at some point, but dropped it, either due to time constraints or poor performance on the target machines. Later entries in the 'Klik' series allowed this kind of scrolling. As a workaround, you can 'fake' scrolling in Klik & Play by using Active Objects in place of Backdrops.
  • Every instance of an Active Object has 'Alterable Variables', which are numeric values that can be used to store information in individual objects. However, Klik & Play only provides three such Alterable Values per each instance, labeled Alterable Values A, B, and C. If you need more values, you will need to use Counter objects or extra Active Objects.
  • There is a limit on how many events you can include within a frame. As a rule of thumb, you shouldn't go over 450 events, or risk corrupting your game (reference).

Zongor VS Crazy Axe Man!


Help Zongor save the day to defeat the Crazy Axe Man!

Button 1 to shoot.

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Pirate Kart 2

Pac-Man Teaches Nutrition

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An event

drawraffever version 2

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I added extra controls directions transparency (not sure if working right) and a music slidebar. Giraffe thing is more complete. Also an html and it centers. Basically a giraffe-themed kidpix ripoff. Credits to them and Effbee for the idea.

Here's the sauce for those mmf 2.5vers out there, for the leaning experience

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An event
drawraffesaucemmf2.5.7z289.58 KB
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