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Sick Snake

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Snake is looking a bit peaky.

Jonathan Whiting
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An event
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KlikPunk v1.1

So, I've been noodling some more on KlikPunk in my off hours, and good news! It's time for another release!

(If you've previously installed KlikPunk v1.0, you'll need to uninstall it manually to proceed, sorry. Also, none of your stages will work with this version, because I switched from XML to JSON as the file format, and I'm not aware of anyone actually using this for anything. If anyone cares, I'll write a converter.)

This release has many usability improvements, such as:

  1. Panning!
  2. Comfortable scrolling and zooming speeds!
  3. A "zoom to 100%" button!
  4. The save icon is no longer anywhere near the "close this app without asking" button!
  5. Icons are a fixed height!
  6. You can tell where 0,0 is!
  7. Simple, extensible JSON as an output format!
  8. The source is on GitHub so you can fix my bugs for me!

Give it a try! Let me know what else I could do to make it more useful!

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destructive chaos

destructive chaos.png

UPDATE : due to many requests, I hosted this game directly on glorious trainwrecks.

A game about war. Use wasd + mouse.

might be disturbing

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An event
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Voluntary Servitude


gratuitously inaccessible
Based on Jane McGonigal's book but not in such a way that you could ever tell.

Flash version added:

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An event

gem theif

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collect the 5 gems to prove that your worthy

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9 days: New Knytt Story I made

Thought some of the folks who visit here might be interested in a Knytt Stories level I made over the last 6 days. Download link and further information can be found at the thread on Nifflas' Support Forum.

Rock Virtual Pet

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Take care of your pet rock.
Feed it, give it water, turn off the lights when it sleep.
Do not let your rock die.

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Pirate Kart 2
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Yie-Ar Klik Fu 3: ElEkTrIk KuNgAlOo

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-Twenty-one action filled battles!
-A thunderous midi soundtrack!
-A honest to god SHITTY brainfart impro dialogue because I only assed to write a small part of it.
-You making disgruntled facial expressions at the aforementioned dialogue!
-Fun times!
-Hope that it becomes funnier over time like all of my joke shit.

After nearly six months of on-and-ridiculously-off development,
I've finally finished something I didn't think I would.

It was all supposed to go down with that last joke game,
but it turns out that I still needed to be taught a lesson.
Get out there and finish the fight!! THIS IS THE LAST TIME!!!!

This was supposed to push the limits of KNP to the maximum with absolutely ludicrous
battle mechanics, unlike Kung Fu 2, which was pretty much about dodging flying shit
and mashing the attack button. I tried to go there, but neither of us couldn't handle it.
Instead what I have now is practically the same with more shit.
And the fucking thing still rules.

What are you waiting for?!

Overall, I learned some:
Mental Shenanigans
Drawing Consistency, so it's not really all a waste no matter what.

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An event

Spring Rites

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An epic miniature! My first trainwreck. My first play with Game Maker. Controls: WASD.

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