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Defeat the evil gireicdjezoinks crab

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Did you come here for a good game? Well you're in the wrong place!

Its a very crappy game I made SPECIFICALLY for here but never posted.

66 kb of pure awesomeness

Reha Soft
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which pokemon will you have sex with?

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Knytt Stories and You: A Tutorial by SoftSoft


So if we're submitting Knytt Stories to the Kart, we should probably have our own tutorial, right? I mean, sure, there's a perfectly fine one bundled with the game itself, but that one doesn't really gibe with Glorious Trainwrecks ethos, right? This is what SoftSoft was thinking when it made this level.

Note that SoftSoft is not allowed to touch Knytt Stories anymore.

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Super Desert Golfio Bros

Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 12.29.58 PM.png

An homage to desert golfing.

A 2-player bizarro twins remake combining Desert Golfing with Super Mario sludge.

LEFT PLAYER/MARIO: WASD. W and S to increase/decrease power of your stroke. A and D to hit left or right.

RIGHT PLAYER/LUIGIZ Arrow Keys. Up and Down to increase/decrease power of your stroke. Left and Right to hit it those directions.

Space and Enter don't do anything. First to hit the yellow hole and trigger it to yell "winner" is the winner.

That's it. Glitttchhhh. Play over n over.

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1 2 3 4 Cinco De Mayo

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WARNING: Though this game does not contain any gore, blood, or nudity there are some some extreme themes of violence and sex.

This is a fictionalized representation of The Battle of Puebla between the French and Mexico.

James is the horse described on the title screen.

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101-in-1 Amaze-o-Kart!

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That's right! 101 UNIQUELY titled and designed games for your playing pleasure! Starring five characters (including the return of Bulb Boy from The Adventures of Bulb Boy and Anetta from Ghost Witch), the possibilities are endless (or 101)!

Press X to jump. Press Z to hit switches. Arrow keys move and scroll down the MASSIVE GAME MENU. ENTER to select a game.

Enjoy! Can you beat them all?!*

*Note: there's no reward for beating them all. Honest.

John D. Moore
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Help the dancers get the attention they deserve!

Graphics and music by ahr2nd
Programmed by Sam Posner

Developed with SilverCreator in true trainwreck style

Mac version: http://www.arcadeoftheabsurd.com/files/Spotter.app.zip

Sam Posner and ahr2nd
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The Player Aventur - a collaboration game (NOW CANCELLED)

Tue, Jul 23 2013 01:18 AM
07/23/2013 - 01:18
08/23/2013 - 13:18


Now without making this i'm purely bored,
btw there's yet another game i'm uploading into the Dropbox folder and it is also done: THE ROYAL ADVENTURES OF MR CAT VS TAILS ADVANCE THE GAME.

If you really don't know what's Tails Adventure, it's a poorly made sonic fangame series which you just have to get all things like sonics, knuckles, etc. And also they keep overusing the Whisker and Johnny Battle theme from Sonic Rush Adventure, is this idea turdy? This game will be against that dumb series and yeah...HARD STUFF.

P.S. There's still the Player 1 Sprite Sheet, if you has chance.

Player 1 Sprite Sheet.png17.44 KB

Games made for The Player Aventur - a collaboration game (NOW CANCELLED)

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Beautiful Experience III: Desert Experience

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you know what they say,

when in doubt, sequel. unless it's the fifth mozart

for imaginary bonus points pretend that the sand formations make a 'path' you have to walk on

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The Terror of Gibbons engine

Basically uploaded onto here so that my friend Tyler could see it, this is the engine for a game I never got around to making.

The controls are arrow keys to move, Up to jump, and Control to spin attack in midair. By tapping the arrow keys twice in a direction you can dash, and by pressing down then up on the arrow keys, you can do a super jump. If you're facing towards a wall and you press up, you will kick off the wall. Finally, press S to control whether or not the screen scrolls.

The Terror of Gibbons.zip867.09 KB
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