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you are JUDGE. Move using MOUSE and block RABID FANBOYS from reaching the STAGE using the mystical power of COURT ORDERS

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Apartment Quest



You're about to enter college. Run around collecting loan money. When you have enough, you can rent an apartment. Beware, you only have 20 days to find a suitable apartment or else you have to sleep on your friend's couch. (but it makes you bury yr head and hide under the sidewalk) (ok)

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Marek Kapolka

marek is developing a new spirituality that will canonize all game developers as micro-gods creating a world where ontological speculation is not fruitless.

he has a blog at http://www.ludogenesis.org/ which may be empty if you're reading this too soon but he TOTALLY SWEARS there will be content there someday

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Pirate Kart 2
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Judgement Teeth WIP: Crazy Uncle Home For Klikmas Edition

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Here is a game designed by two of my nephews last night at a family gathering. (Programming was mostly done by me, though the older one added the explosion effect himself.) I'm sure they'll have more they'll want to add next time I see them.

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I'll Make games. But here's a blog bc i saw the blog entry part and thought 'that would be fun' pt.1??

Games as an art form should not seem so preposterous, it is only viewed so negatively for its incorporation of user participation, which admittedly immediately fucks up integrity with the automatic compensation that must take place (at least in terms of wide-audience relases) however lesser popular games will inherently contain some obvious quirk of the designer, the user instead will have to grapple with the singular/small teams issues/inadequacies instead of being comfortably carried through a la book or movie, it becomes simultaneously about experience and analysis, if not direct analysis of the programmers then that of the simulated environment they created with a pinch of willful suspension of disbelief (the ol WSD) so really in this day and age i no longer try to argue or defend video games artness because really its kind of auto-art, not something which you can just claim isn't such and it will be defamed, like it's eternally esteemed in my head so what. maybe that seems a little solipsist but you understand how it's essentially human excess just like any other art, just concerned more with creating a comprehensive controllable experience or something i dunno. you get what i'm saying. thanks

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It is like a broken, inverse, really fast Pac-Man. Eat all the mice before the the mice eat all the cheese. WIN AND BLUE!

(I am kind of wishing that I had named this game THE MICE WILL EAT ALL THE CHEESE instead.)

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3-week Vacation from Witch's Tree


Boy have I had a great time this week. I jumped into TyranoBuilder and started making stuff.
First I started making an EXO fan-game. The narrative comes from a vivid dream I had and some thoughts on how to make it more interesting. I decided to do image-searches and crop things out of the photos in order to just visualize how I wanted the eventual sprites to look. This lead me down a really interesting path. I was hanging out in the IRC and I played ghettoshamrock's game Zyphrandomora http://www.glorioustrainwrecks.com/node/9342 while chatting with them. Seeing that you could put animated .gif into TyranoBuilder was kinda inspiring so I quickly threw something together by using gifcam to capture some of a funny dog faces video on Youtube, taking a photo I had in my personal collection for a background, sampling a bark from an online file using Audacity, and using one of the place-holder sprites that I had already cropped for the Exo fan-game.
The results were very exciting for me. I don't know if I have explained this to y'all, but there is a certain something about a lot of the games on Glorious Trainwrecks that seems to emanate from this community. It's something I have a lot of respect for, but have not yet been able to achieve. I'll go ahead and call Destroy Your Home out because it is probably my favorite example of this quality.
I felt that I achieved the quality I have thus far been envious of with Duchess. That was very exciting for me. Then I decided that I didn't like how it didn't have an ending and the ending turned into a manifesto.
Appropriating images so freely was intoxicating. I fantasized about how I could do this for a while and quickly get results, some of which may be good. I like the look of Duchess. But I am vaguely aware of cultural norms and possible legal concerns in game-development. I'm not hyper aware of them, I just have noticed over the years how sometimes people get super mad and indignant about stolen assets or lack of credit. This is just not a personal concern of mine (having people steal and use my shit is something I WANT to happen). I have a hard time understanding it and to be honest, most of both the legal and taboo aspects of this massively controversial issue seem to be based on double-standards, superstition, and greatly varying amounts of enforcement. So I started a thread about it.
I'm pretty radically liberal on this issue and underestimated how many people are significantly conservative on it. I think that underestimation made my original post appear like an intentional desire to inflame. To be clear, I do feel passionate about appropriation and the constraints of intellectual property-rights (and expectations of them), but I can understand why the original post was so off-putting for some. I started to see that I want to ask people about a bunch of hypothetical situations so that I can suss out what it is that an individual bases their personal feelings on appropriation (mostly image-apropriation). But doing that would make it look like I'm just trying to set up an ad hominem fallacy by making people with opposing views look like hypocrites. Still I want to present the hypotheticals, and a game-form seems appropriate especially since people can do it in privacy and so much of this is about how one personally feels about it. I think of this appropriation-game as something that I can populate with more examples and probably make some much more subtle once I have gathered perspectives on appropriation. It's a work in progresss that will supplement the discussion.
The thread is going well, I think that people are realizing that there is a huge variance in opinion on the subject (myself included) and it is provoking valuable thoughts for me personally. The thoughts being expressed in that thread is having a formative effect on how I see myself as an artist who uses computer-games as a medium. Just this morning I realized that a big part of my emotional reactions in the discussion is the confusion between my personal ethics and the cultural norms. I'm realizing that I do care about cultural norms when I prefer to think that I only care about my personal ethics. Coming to terms with the influence of cultural norms that I don't agree with (and have problems with) on how I go about my creative-process is helpful and empowering. It is orientating to realize that there is a very real boundary that I feel the need to push. I'm not saying that all of my games are going to be about this subject, but some of them will certainly be informed by this experience. A good example of the influence this discussion is having on me is that I found out about reverse image-search and spent an hour drawing pictures just to see what similar ones on the internet would look like. It's super fun.
This morning I started going through my decade and a half of digital photos, looking for assets that I could share with the TyranoBuilder community (which is freaking out because they don't know how to create or find character-sprites that they would be satisfied with (or how to become satisfied with them)). I became excited about how my older cell-phone pictures have certain looks to them. After trying to make a sprite, I realized that the TyranoBuilder community probably wouldn't want to use it, but I would. I can't say what it is that did it exactly, but something about the appropriation-discussion has made me more excited about the images that I create. I think it's that as I'm exploring the threshold and forms of source-material-obscuration the games-culture seems to be permissive of, I'm enjoying the idea of performing those same techniques to my own photos. It's been an interesting week. I'm hoping to get back to my EXO fan-game this week. My break from my break was a great idea though because I ran into some technical problems in TyranoBuilder that I was able to send samples of to the developer, and I am more familiar with the engines idiosyncracies. I'll make the EXO fan-game a goal, but only for direction for the week. I'll probably get distracted again.

Internet Debate Club


A collection of minigames on what it is like debating on the internet.

Level Two: Strawman Fallacy
Level Three: lol i trol u

Show me your power and get a high score!

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