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Super Duper Thwackswinger (IGF Edition)

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Thwackswinger lives!

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An event
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SSSnake (Looping)

SSSnake (Looping)ss.png

This one has the pills looping around the stage

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An event

Fisher Fears

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Catch fish for money and beat those bloodthirsty sharks back from your small boat on the ocean.

From the start, you can catch any fish by clicking on it and knock sharks away by clicking on them as well. Shop upgrades and items will aid you in both areas. Eventually you'll find killer whales and they don't care whether you're shocking them or hooking them, you need to do serious damage to keep them away and that's only possible with the anti-shark items.

Shop rundown:
Nets slow fish down

Electric Rods allow you to fish by holding down the mouse button

Trash Traps are cheap and do little damage

Sea Mines instantly kill a shark/orca and damage neighbors.

Shark Hunter XS's make great long-term additions to your defense

Also, I don't support shark or whale violence. They're cool animals, don't hurt one unless you or another person are in serious danger and have no other option.

Based on a Kickstarter supporters idea:
"Player is on a boat surrounded by sharks. Fish to make money to buy anti-shark devices. Fishing tower defense!"

Zach Helm / Schwiggy
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An event
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Rubbish Snake

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Snake. Rubbish. Pretty ronseal.

Jonathan Whiting
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An event
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Smedis2's Morning 6-12 Breakfast Genre Klikfest. #1

Tue, Feb 07 2012 04:00 AM
02/07/2012 - 06:00
02/07/2012 - 12:00

Smedis2's Morning 
6-12 Breakfast 
Genre Klikfest.

(Yeesh,that's a mouthful.)

Why did I make the logo look like a neon sign?
I don't know,it looks nice.

What in the name of god is this?

This event is....well....an event that takes place 6am-12pm at a random date. (If this continues.)
The "Genre" part is the main gimmick of the event. The Rule is that the game(s) you make must be the genre that is mentioned in the description.
And that's about it.

Can I cheat on this?

Sure,I guess. But this starts tomorrow,so,yeah. You still don't have alot of time.

Can I use something other than Klik and Play?



(credit goes to Cool Text for the cheesy yet epic fonts used here)

Now get making! Good luck.

Games made for Smedis2's Morning 6-12 Breakfast Genre Klikfest. #1

Rolling Hills

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Roll around on the rolling hills collecting diamonds. Left and right move in the obvious directions. Try not to get popped by pointy sticks falling from the sky. Get high points!

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Pirate Kart 2
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Catch the Mice

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A dumb game I made roughly ten years ago in The Games Factory.

You must catch as many poorly-drawn mice as possible by placing mouse traps near them. You can't place them too close to the mice to start with or else the game will play a buzzer. Lazy, I know. Then you pray for the mice to decide to wander over toward the trap. You can attract the mice with cheese by holding the right mouse button (best done in light taps) but you only have a limited amount, and using it drains your points.

Features annoying sound effects.

This game sucks, but it doesn't suck as much as Winning Square or Toy Motor Boat Sim.

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An event

Sorcerer's Challenge


Are you worthy of the SORCERER'S CHALLENGE?

Arrow Keys
Z to cast Fireball
X to cast Soul Asplode
C to Teleport

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An event


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GODDAMNITTHISISART is a GODDAMN ART GAME. Every puzzle in GODDAMNITTHISISART is unique. There is no filler. GODDAMNITTHISISART treats your time and attention as precious. GODDAMNITTHISISART does everything it can to give you a mind-expanding experience. All GODDAMNITTHISISART's gameplay is based on guesswork.

For those who don't get it:

PS: I actually liked braid.

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Pirate Kart 2
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