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I totally just made my first game in Construct for Pirate Kart II! Yes! I am very happy about it! Yay for throwing poop!

I also think Windows Offender is GAME NUMBER 370 of 371! I can't believe I just barely made it in! SO LUCKY!

Also, I want to get KnP working on Windows 7 64-bit. If any folks have solid ways of doing this or need a tester, I am here for you.

Rock out!

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Demo of Greg Hetcherson's Lost Tombs of the Goblin Underground

Game File: 

An exciting new demo of the soon-to-be latest hit from SoftSoft! Can you find the treasures in the lost tombs of the Goblin Underground? (Answer: No, you can't.)

Made For: 
Pirate Kart 2
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Rooftop Garden

Game File: 

A small rooftop map for Doom 2. Tested with PRBoom but any Boom derived port should play it which is pretty much all of them except Chocolate Doom.

Consider it still in development. I really need the feedback on how it plays under Hurt Me Plenty and Ultraviolence, especially HMP because I'm still not sure about object placement and whether I should replace the Soulsphere in the secret area with something else or put a tough enemy or two around instead.

EDIT: Post updated with revision. It's the same filename so if you want to keep the old one back it up.
EDIT#2: Revision number 2. Same filename again.
EDIT#3: Final version. Same filename as the first but now it has a text file.

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An event
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Game File: 

a remake of the magnavox oddysey2 game of pachinko

NOW ON THE WEB: http://www.auntiepixelante.com/pachinko/

a two-player game. first to 1000 points wins.

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An event
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Atlantis no Nazo no Murasamejou

Game File: 

A man finds a treasure map which lead him to the middle of the sea.
He takes the dive down to an underwater wonderland.

Use down, left and right arrow keys to swim around and avoid the deadly shark fishes and jellyfishes.

You'll also need to keep an eye on your lung pressure, do not let it go too much over 100, or you gonna be sleeping with the treasure. To do this you'll need to chill out in the shallower water first (not that you aren't pretty much forced to because I got carried away with the rng again.)

Also about Kung Fu 3 which I've been endlessly blabbering about:

I'm gonna try and give myself a kick in the butt (I've barely made enough progress that counts this far), and put up a dev diary for it sometime next week in hopes that I will actually someday work towards finishing it instead of working in random twenty minute farts couple times a week.
I'll also drop lots of other shit in there from time to time, like an updated version of the second one for starters, followed by some of my non-GTW-wrecks from past years and maybe a bit more "history" so you dudes understand what's going on (I never introduced myself :( ).

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An event
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twin .trac

twintrac 2012-02-17 08-27-02-18.png
Game File: 

for two players or one really dextrous player

switch tracks to destroy enemies in your wake! be careful not to crash into them (or each other)! can you reach the mythical kill screen, the hall where only the most valorous and high-scoring warriors travel to when they (collectively) reach 999 points?

w/a/s/d (player one) and arrow keys (player two) to move
moving up and down is now slightly more useful

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An event


Game File: 

including: just a bad clone of minesweeper
not including: everything else

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An event

Pirate Bubbles

Game File: 

The year: 1718 A.D.
The location: the high seas.

You play as the ever scurvy pirate "Bleckbeard" in his quest to avoid being soaped up by any form of bubble! He has toiled for decades to keep that grime grafted onto his skin, and he isn't going to let some dastardly rain cloud destroy his quest to be the dirtiest pirate in the sea! Avoid every bubble that Bubbles the Cloud (tm) unleashes on the deck of the ship. Soundtrack by Linkin Park.

Made For: 
An event
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Playfic: An Online Inform 7/Text Adventure Creator

In the creator's own words:

"Playfic is a community for writing, sharing, and playing interactive fiction games (aka "text adventures") entirely from your browser, using a 'natural language'-inspired language called Inform 7.


My hope is that Playfic opens up the world of interactive fiction to a much wider audience — young writers, fanfic authors, and culture remixers of all ages.

While the language can be tricky, building simple games is surprisingly easy. Cooper had never coded anything or made a game before trying Playfic, and within 30 minutes of futzing around, he'd made his first game.

Some stuff is broken and missing, but I'd love to hear what you make of it. Open to any and all feedback. Go make some games!"

I feel like this could turn out to be a valuable asset to our Trainwrecking. At the very least, it probably needs to be added to this list. What do you guys think?

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