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American Hamster Commando


Ok i just kind of wanted to make the title screen for this,
because these random titles are usually better than the games themselves
like there is no way for the game to live up to it no matter what

also sad attempts at satire


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Snapman's Plot Inventory

I thought I'd try making one of these. I also highlighted key words related to fundamental actions.

So here we go.

Itchy Birds: Dismay at the tedious and repetitive state of mobile gaming.
Lemmings Death Ball: KILL moving targets in upside-down breakout.
Tribe Hummus Pinball: Ponder advergames.
Circus Galop: Minigames timed to erratic music where you KILL, DIE, COLLECT and ESCAPE.
Citizen Kane Pinball: Ponder a film's themes.
MicroMove: Make precise motions using an insufficiently precise tool.
Second Person Shooter: EXPLORE the difference between perspectives.
RhinoCopter: EXPLORE a city.
NITROWL: Destroy the level to COLLECT a ham. DIE from drowning.
Stealth Spies: KILL one person (player 2) in a crowd. DIE if they find you first.
FROGGERACING: KILL frogs for speed boost.
INFRAREDDER: Distribute gems, COLLECT gems, DIE from traps, ESCAPE.
Eat a Baby or a Burglar: KILL one of two people.
Candy Alchemist: Find the secret formulae. EXPLORE all possibilities.
Sink My Battleship!: Risk KILLING a ship for points.
FourFighter: KILL your friends with shuriken. DIE from shuriken.
Extreme Flood Exploitation: Jump on floating houses, KILL planes.
Rio and Ruckus' Unlicensed Dinoventure!: KILL dinosaurs, kidnap their egg. DIE from dinos or falling.
Cosmic Drifter: ESCAPE asteroids. DIE from asteroids.
An Exploration: Slowly lose freedom of movement in an increasingly linear story about EXPLORING.
CastleAttack: KILL trucks forever.
FLIES not BEES: KILL flies, DIE from bees.
LASERTOPIA: ESCAPE, climb, COLLECT, and DIE by lasers.
dawgFIGHT: KILL your friend's plane with cats, DIE the same way.
GUARDIANT: DEFEND the mothership by KILLING bombers and ships.
Dicken's INFERNO: KILL everyone who enjoys christmas.
GORILLATTACK: Dermizone Zero: Resist evolution. COLLECT popsicles.
JUDGE GB: KILL diamonds. DIE from the fourth wall.
Opposite of Up: Accidentally KILL parachuters. DIE from gravity.
ROBODROID: KILL the robodroid. DIE from the robodroid.
YOU ARE ALREADY INSANE: Fail to ESCAPE detection, KILL innocent bystanders from madness.
looq: Satisfy obscure requirements.
Linkland: KILL a box on a random terrain.
Leapbert: Traverse (EXPLORE) all asteroids once. DIE from backtracking.
Directer: Tell a metal sphere to COLLECT gems. DIE from being crushed or touching gems.
Reverser Too: The Timebeard Chronicles: Flip switches and reverse time to ESCAPE. DIE from old age or falling.
Reverser One: KILL asteroids. DIE from asteroids.
DINOSAUR: DIE from falling in a hole, COLLECT gems.
Indirect Invaders: KILL invaders, DIE from invaders.
Hunter & Hunted: KILL the AI, DIE from the AI.
Lemmings Force: RESCUE the AI.
Berry Command: KILL the spheres, COLLECT berries, DIE from the spheres.

Fred's Exciting Adventure 2: DIE from horrors, ESCAPE to ambiguity.
Scorpion Psychiatrists of Saturn: RESCUE students from emotions, DIE from their emotions.
Fred's Exciting Adventure: DIE from horrors, ESCAPE to ambiguity.
Kristmas RUN: COLLECT collectables, DIE from falling or crushing scrolling.
TEK DEMO: COLLECT gems, DIE from falling.

KILL: 23/47 (48%)
DIE: 26/47 (55%)
RESCUE/DEFEND: 2/47 (4%)

I should make some more defense games.


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What do tables do, when not busy being tables?

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Pirate Kart 2
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Do you have anything better to do? I DOUBT IT.


Crypto Photography

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Try to take pictures of the Loch Ness Monster! Players and can choose different locations to take photos from. Photos are graded on accuracy and how much of the creature’s head was above the water. It also remembers your highscore! Artwork by Kiki Snell.

Tim Elzinga
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A quick and grimy Twine game, possibly inspired by Stygia, Graveyard Quest, Frankenstein's Helper and other classic dig-em-ups.

New version 29/4/13

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An event
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Super 3D Helicopter 2

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This is "New and improved" version of the "Super 3D Helicopter" i made for the first marathon. There's almost no change on gameplay, just some extra audiovisual effects i wanted to include.

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An event


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some warmup game

Confusing Kabuki in My Pocket
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An event
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Poor Thing update


Hello everybody.

It has been half a year since my last information on my game in progress, "Poor Thing". Since then I have maintained a fairly steady pace in development and added a lot to the game, however there is a looot of work still in front of me. I have calculated that I still have more or less 100 levels to add. I have 178 levels in my game so far, but some of them are placeholders and some more can be cut out. If no other obstacles emerge, I should be able to fit my game within the planned maximum of 255 levels.

While still adding new levels, I alternate it with either fleshing out already existing locations or finally adding some action sequences. I worked out a way to make objects standing in the middle that can be either walked in front of or behind, which adds a lot of 3d feeling to the game.

At the same time I am working on the story and characters, because I really mean it to be a complete tale, with beginning, middle and an end. Things are constantly falling into place, or switched around if they do not work.

I think I am rambling, but I am really excited that I have kept at it so long and do not feel bored or intend to stop. I calculate it will take about a year to complete and add details to all the levels, then probably another year to interconnect everything, hunt bugs, beta test and add sound effects and probably some music. A long, long way... but almost every other day I keep developing it further.

I hope 6 months is an enough long pause not to be pushy with my project. Truly said, I often have to fight the urge to share every new detail that I am proud of, with you lot!

I go back to working on the game now. As always, lots of love to you lovely people, and keep creating!

Jan Strach

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