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My Half Hour Trainwreck


So here's my submission for the new trainwreck...
I made it in a half hour...
I would have made it longer but I have to go to a celebration for the winter equinox...
Only 4 levels and they're all pretty easy...
Your a penguin who can replicate himself and use his body as a platform...
(BTW this is also my first KnP EVAR...
So in the half hour I learned how to use it and make the game)

Spacebar to replicate
Arrow Keys to move
ctrl to jump


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The great adventure


A massive world full of mystery adventure and action

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An event
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Pat A Cat

Game File: 

Pat dat cat!!!

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Pirate Kart 2
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Astro Runner II: Galactic Olympics

Game File: 

EDIT: the version here was actually impossible. only after getting a new comp and replaying all my games i found that out. thankfully it seems no one played that one ever because even after testing this new version i can say only one thing: jesus christ my arms

I hope you've been training on your space mashing skills all these years, because you have just come across to the ultimate test.

This is it.

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An event


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This is my first game in C#. I had more in mind but this language is overwhelming.

-Player 1: A/D
-Player 2: Left/Right
-Start Match - Space

Known Bugs:
- Sometimes the ball just decides to go "MEH FUCK THIS SHIT IM OUT" and jump behind the player paddle. Math problems :/
- Unknown Memory Leak, how do you delete stuff from memory in C#? Tell me on Twitter @Xaymar.

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An event
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Country Bear's Race To The Finish

Ian M. Burton

Ready... set... go! These are the words you hear as the starter fires his pistol, announcing the beginning of the race. You take off running, with your eye on the prize. The finish line is just within reach... your heart is pounding, and you're running with all your might! All of these things and more can be found when you try out Family Fun Home Entertainment's latest Country Bear title, Country Bear's Race To The Finish! Join your beloved friend, Country Bear, as he guides you or your child through a self-esteem boosting journey from the start to the finish. Remember to keep your eye on the prize as you play your way through Country Bear's Race To The Finish!

Also available is a 32-bit Enhanced build, which features slightly improved graphics and sound. Download this version if you use Windows Vista or higher and don't want to have to run emulators to play the game.

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An event
Country Bear's Race to the Finish (32-bit Enhanced)726.53 KB
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Game File: 

Gradi-ASS ver. 1.0 - by Ray Ayanami

The Gradian starship Vic Viper has been sentenced to death by Miclus attack for not being three-dimensional. As the Vic Viper, you must survive the onslaught of Micluses.

Shoot Micluses until you hit the target score of 100,000,000. Running into a Miclus will take off a life. The game ends when you earn 100,000,000 points or lose all three lives.

Arrow keys = Move around
Z = Fire

Legal stuff:
The Vic Viper and Gradius are (C)1985-2010 by Konami Corporation.
The Micluses is (C)heckifiknow-2010 by Seibu-Kaihatsu Inc.
This game is not licensed by, endorsed by, or otherwise affiliated with Konami Corporation or Seibu-Kaihatsu Inc.

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An event
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The farthest limits of knp

My greatest KliK project is nearing an end: one way or another. Every which way I seem to advance in this project, the physical walls of the ancient KnP engine seem to close in. Adding a score counter to the game now causes the collision detection engine to go haywire after a few minutes of play. Adding even one active object to the play field maxes out the object availability, and ruins my environment engine integrity. Changing the layout of the level by moving one more object into the initial render window drops out the overlay layer.

I'm going to try and finish this thing this weekend. I may have to sacrifice a UI in order to keep the game stable. I'm on version 14 now, with each incremental update warranting a separate save, in order to avoid game corruption. Much like "A.M.O.S.D.", I'm nearing an impasse. Will I be able to surmount it? Stay tuned!



Made by Duncan.


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An event
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