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Memory Improved

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This is an improvement of the classic solitaire matching game, Memory. Whereas in the original you could only reveal one card at a time, this game lets you see the 8 cards surrounding the card you chose. Also, the victory condition is now considerably less tedious than in the original, which required all of the cards to be matched. Instead, matching cards gradually reveals a password hidden beneath the playing field. Enter the password as soon as you can see what it is, and you've won the round. Faster games, with less needless and aimless clicking, is Memory Improved's promise.

"Diddled Bits" font by Anne Thoreau P.

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An event

I am a Linux user

Hello people of this site. I came across this site god knows how following some link for that Mike Tyson Jungle Beat game a few months ago.

Anyway I forgot about it because I usually just browse the net at work but now I want in please.

The problem is that I am a cheap person who uses Linux. Don't get the wrong idea. My computer skills are severely limited. It's just cheaper. Basically I can't get that KnP thingie to work properly in Wine. (Are we keeping up so far?)

Does anyone have any kind of cheat sheet for someone who uses Linux and who can't program his way out of a paper cup so he can be in your club? I also live in the UK meaning I would have to sacrifice a bloody Saturday night in order to do this. I might make a party out of it.

Thanks in advance if anyone reads this. If you reply then...erm...mad props.


Some Bee Ess

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Dreams. . .

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"A love letter to Hexagon."
Game by Kevin Messman
Music by Andrew Gleeson (Get the OST here!)
Game Design Consultant: Jason Killingsworth
Timer font: Anna Anthropy
Special Thanks: Terry Cavanagh, Eve Sussman, Todd Polenberg

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Adventure Creation Kit

(Sheesh, I should have posted about this months ago.)

ACK is a DOS-era toolkit for making simple Ultima-style RPGs, based on Stuart Smith's seminal Adventure Construction Set. Development stopped for a long time, but the author has recently begun to release new versions, bundled with a copy of DOSBox.

The newest pack-in game, Ultima IV Part 2: Dude, Where's My Avatar?, looks pretty bizarre, but I don't want to play it until I get more familiar with the original Ultima games (don't look at me like that). There is also a tutorial module explaining most of the features.

I had an adventure game planned, but it might be a while before I get back to working on it. I recall a monsters-destroying-city game being in the works, and the author of the program had a decent (albeit years old) historical adventure about a caravan of settlers.

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I totally just made my first game in Construct for Pirate Kart II! Yes! I am very happy about it! Yay for throwing poop!

I also think Windows Offender is GAME NUMBER 370 of 371! I can't believe I just barely made it in! SO LUCKY!

Also, I want to get KnP working on Windows 7 64-bit. If any folks have solid ways of doing this or need a tester, I am here for you.

Rock out!

Hillbilly Bongo School


Hillbilly Bongo School. It's pretty self explanatory, if that's even possible.

Writeup later, I should be getting ready for work.

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Avoid the TV

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Can you avoid the TV? What perils await your attempts?

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Pirate Kart 2

Punch The Guy!

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Your a pixelated sanitation worker and you're bloody angry! So punch the first guy you see for some reason. Spacebar is helpful with that. Also backwards punchey.

Adrian Gordon
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An event
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MarMOTS update

Integrating my stackless python game engine is progressing smoothly, though it's turned out to be a little bit more work than I had initially bargained for.

Big change #1 is that the game loop no longer runs as fast as possible; rather it only runs in response to external events (keypresses + timers). Obviously, since I'm going to be running this thing on a server that I share with a couple hundred other people, using 100% CPU all of the time is not the best way to go. It's actually kind of bugged me for a long while that the engine did that, so it's nice to have a fix.

Big change #2 is that a bunch of global variables containing the current high-level "game state" (ie, which board we're on, which board we're heading to next, etc) got split into a new kind of object called a Client. This was kind of bad design in the first place, but I really needed this new entity once I introduced multiplayer.

The good news is that these two big changes are done, and a proof-of-concept port of hax0r over telnet to work the bugs out should be coming soon!

I'm kind of leaning towards only supporting SyncTERM over flashterm. Advantages to SyncTERM: ANSI music support, the smiley face character works. Disadvantages: Seperate app that you'll have to download, rather than clicking a button on a webpage. The ANSI music "language" looks sort of like ZZT's music language, so you can imagine that I'm pretty hyped about supporting THAT.

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