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Klik and Stacker


EDIT: I turned this game into a full-fledged Android game! Check it out here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tininincstudios.everydaystacker&hl=en

This game utilizes Clickteam Fusion 2.5's built-in physics engine! The goal is to build the tallest tower possible by stacking pieces from Klik and Play on top of each other.

P.S. The reason I'm uploading this a bit early is because I thought I wouldn't be available during the actual event so I made the game a bit early. As it turns out, I will be available during the event, so I will probably make another game then.

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Sniper City Shoot Out

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The City is filled with snipers! Only YOU have the skillz to hunt them down.

Use Mouse to aim, LMB or SPACE to shoot and Mouse Wheel or Z/X to ZOOM.

Update: Fixed some graphics problems, inproved the controls, added difficulty and pause. Generally much more playable.

Also, entirely true fact, I've been kidnapped and replaced by bees. Not sure what's with that.

Update: Did a deal with the bees, 400 hundred weight of chutney and they let me go. Luckily I have some earwig friends who could get me it cheap.

Tam Toucan
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from now on i only make games about other people's games


TRAGIC OFT-PROVEN APHORISM: the longer you have to wait for something, the more likely you'll be disappointed. which is why i really need to hurry this thing up.

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Annoying Chirping Blue Jay: Volume 1

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Since everyone else is doing it, I'm gonna cheat too.

I was actually thinking of doing something like this for Pirate Kart II. I didn't, and I personally think that's a good thing, because it would have sucked. The idea was that I would use Klik & Play as some sort of faux Twitter thing where I would add a new frame describing what I was up to every day or two, leading up to and through the actual Pirate Kart weekend. But after creating the first frame I realized it was lame and stupid and unfunny and a waste of my time.

This time I'm going for something a bit less horrible. It's kind of going to be a fake documentary about how I contribute to Pirate Kart V. Fake as in I'm pretty sure that 95% of the "tweets" in this are fake and just made up for humor. Oh well. It is what it is.

This is the first of a series of fake "downloadable tweet sets" I am making in order to fill up space in the Kart.

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While probably not as thought provoking as the bump from THE FOURTH DIMENSION, it's a first attempt in some twine 2.0 and it's where I'm at.

STYLE SHEETS i'm pretty sure i messed it up when i pasted like multiple stylesheets and part of the description, but I'm rolling with it because if I hang the html it'll be like file_0 . html That looks like an emoticon. I'll leave the movie attachments at the bottom as they are: attached.

Oh, plot description: some sort of coming of age story using animated images as a storytelling kind of thing, one of them is interactive and starts by pressing a star. Interactive exremities I know. Enjoy.

Made cover with https://jollo.org/tools/ credits to #sally team. Alt cover in attachments.

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klik & play mid/midi and sound effects

could any admin on the site please send an email to snapman to see if he is still around please I found this site on google, the node 197 page, and it said you have the original MID and sound effects from klik and play?

I can only find the schools version for download anywhere it looks like even most of the abandonware sites have unknowingly replaced it with that version not realising it is missing most of the content! :(

My parents bought it for me many years (about 10-15?) ago but I have no idea where the CD is now :(

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Juni Encounters a Bug


Made by Jacob and Sergio! Woo.

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GT Saturday Specials: Knytt Stories
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Slice of Life 11


This is an even more confusing version of the game Proper (glorioustrainwrecks.com/node/9719). Every version is different! I'm halfway done uploading I think?

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Assault on Crater Bulb

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This game is inspired primarily by ZiGGURAT, Outpost Nexus and SpaceInvader! The news ticker is inspired by Super Mario Sunshine. The tractors are inspired by Team Fortress 2. The environment is loosely inspired by Return of the Invaders.

Defend the lone frontier town, Crater Bulb, from these brightly coloured invading ships! Bounce shots off the floor of the crater to attack airborne and ground foes alike. Charge up to fire one of three different shots, each with unique abilities and purposes. Beware: if even one enemy trooper reaches the city, they will immediately surrender! Undoubtedly, heroic sacrifice isn't the Crater Bulb citizen's top priority.

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