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Tiny Game

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tiny game. dodge skulls. eat strawberries. don't suck.

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Pirate Kart 2
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Wed, Nov 20 2013 10:00 PM
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11/21/2016 - 00:00

ZZTV is a community project started by Dark FLR in 1998. ZZTers can create and contribute channels, which are small ZZT worlds that can contain any kind of content the author wishes: previews of upcoming games, artwork, minigames, stories, etc... These channels are traditionally given names that begin with the "#" symbol (e.g., "#bakedcheese"). All of the channels are sent to the person in charge of ZZTV; the project leader is then responsible for compiling the contributions into a series of volumes and releasing them to the public. ZZTVs are done at the rate of about one per year. Each ZZTV is numbered; for example, the current ZZTV-in-progress is ZZTV11. The person in charge of ZZTV changes fairly frequently; Zenith owned the project between issues 4-7 before passing the mantle on, with the more recent project leaders being MadTom, Commodore, and now bitbot.

Send in your channel via the official ZZTV portal.

Games made for ZZTV11

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LightCycles07/29/2014 - 05:10Lynxcycles.jpg6

Inspector Bones ALPHA

Screen Shot 2012-03-04 at 5.13.52 PM.png

Inspector Bones is a 'nu lo-fi, point and click adventure game made in Scratch, which I havnt finished. You play as the Flap Cap wearing inspector whose mother has been kidnapped in exchange for 5 bucks. you must gather this cash and you will meet many characters and do many illegal things. I hope you will find the game cheerfully depressing in some way.

you will need Scratch to play this, which is free and small to download. Click the green flag to play
also, on the map (in the drawer) dont click on the movie cinema, because I never finished coding that yet.

This was made in 2011 when I was depressed
It is inspired by the indie game Ben There Dan That


BoingFlip Interactive
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OMG it's tipping over OMGOMG

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An event
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IGNORMAN is a super robot who is good at ignoring things like hamburgers

but he is a bit fragile

keep it together, IGNORMAN!

i don't even know anymore

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Pirate Kart 2
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Nightmare Squad! (very very early)


Made for TheCube for Christmas. Sorry I'm late!
This game isn't particularly Christmas-themed, but that just means you can play it year-round.
Game includes completely original music, sounds, sprites, and backgrounds. Font is Casual Encounter by Anna Antropy.

Long ago, an evil queen attempted to rule the world with a dark cloud. Although she has been long slain, fragments of her powerful magic remain, and have been invading the Dreamscape, a world where minds go when their bodies sleep. Four agents calling themselves the Nightmare Squad have come to put a stop to these abominations!
Game isn't particularly buggy, but I've only finished two levels so far, so it's a little short.
The goal of each level is to find all the keys needed to unlock the boss door, and then to defeat the boss monster. There are several shops in each level as well, and your friendly neighborhood Charles the Giant Carnivorous Plant will be happy to sell you items in exchange for Quartz pieces you find around the level! Various items include Bombs, which you can throw to destroy rocks and heavily damage enemies, Carafes, which will instantly refill your health before you die, and life-extending potions. Each character also has 5 Star Cards hidden around each level. These can be collected by shooting as well as touching them.

A and D: Move left and right
W: Jump
Q: Throw bomb (if you have any)
Shift: Attack (you can hold it to constantly fire)
E: Go through doors, activate switches
Esc: Pause/Forfeit level (will prompt you)
(Warning: There are some debug keys that probably either instantly kill you or restart the game still bound, so try not to bang your keyboards much)

Character's attacks:
Sammy: Rapid fire, short range, easy to hit with wave attack that can go through walls.
Crockett: Long range, slower shooting snipe shot that does more damage than Sammy but can be harder to hit with.
Ulix: Small area-of-effect sphere that constantly damages any enemy caught in it.
Izzy: Long range tackle that sends you flying straight forward and does massive damage on a successful hit. Will collide with walls. Izzy can be VERY easy to die as, so be warned.

Attack types (Changes based on the kind of element card you collect)
Fire: Higher damage than normal attacks, as well as an added burst effect that harms nearby enemies as well.
Water: Lower damage, but goes through enemies and can push certain ones.
Electric: High damage and goes through enemies. Can also activate generators, toggling generator blocks (marked with a lightning bolt) on and off.
Ice: Buggy. Does higher damage than normal and will turn enemy into an ice cube if their health is low enough, allowing for a faster kill and a platform. Can get you temporarily stuck some times, though, so watch out!

Some enemy behavior can be buggy as well (especially Dojies, who will charge at you if they spot you).
The game will save and load high score data (tracks cards collected for each character, highest quartz at end of level, and levels unlocked), but I'm not entirely sure if it created a fresh file, so don't be surprised if any levels are already unlocked or there's high scores already there.
Use mouse in menus and in the store.

If there are any other questions, please ask! I'm still working on the game and plan on adding tons more levels and things.

Mataata von Fawks
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An event
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Dragon Ballas

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dragonballas best on teh fomos anime shows

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An event
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Mike wants help with Pirate Kart stuff!

As you may have heard, the GDC Pirate Kart Kickstarter is fully funded! That means I've got even more stuff to do! So I'm asking for a little help! But also involving the community is fun anyway!

  • T-Shirt Design - I could fall back on the cartridge image seen here, but it might be cool to see what else we can come up with? Especially if it's a single color so that it's cheaper to print and/or can glow-in-the-dark!
  • Poster Design - I was thinking something like those Ludum Dare wallpapers I've made? We probably won't get a number of games that exactly fills the poster with no gaps, so some kind of logo or message could go in that? Then again a bunch of screenshots with no explanation is kind of awesome too. Also I never did turn this into a poster either. Okay maybe I didn't need to ask for poster help, but I do welcome additional ideas!
  • Business Card Design - It might be cool to have Glorious Trainwrecks cards people can grab at the kiosk! Maybe that would be a better use of that "without making a few friends" image. We can also do more than one kind!
  • Program Icon - For the corner of the window and the icon you click to launch it.
  • Reaction Cam - SpindleyQ had the awesome idea to try and livestream or at least record people as they play! We'd need to get a webcam and figure out how best to stream it without bringing up a window for it if we can help it. Something on the commandline or code the coded-in-Python launcher can use directly maybe? I don't know how feasible it would be to record three days of video but making a sped-up video of everyone playing like the Winnitron did last year would be cool.
  • Launcher Music - Anybody feel like making some musak? We seem to have a tradition of using "The Girl from Ipanema" :) Maybe someone could do a cover?
  • Knytt Player - As discussed here, if we have a hacked build of Knytt Stories, we could make the launcher support people submitting those .bins!
  • TESTING - I perhaps put the event unwisely-close to GDC. There's just no way we want to make one person play ALL the games to make sure they work, so hopefully I can get a bunch of you to try the kart launcher between Pirate Kart Weekend and GDC and the worst of the issues can get sorted out. The launcher is going to have some auto-updating capability so hopefully even if something goes horribly wrong I can still fix it for most people.
  • A PC - I need to get a computer there to actually run the kart on! I would use the very laptop I am typing on now, but for godknowswhy it has a lot of trouble with games made in game maker and I really want to support those! So if you are in the area and have a PC or laptop and can get it to Moscone to set it up in the kiosk, let's talk! (I think monitor, speakers, mouse, keyboard are provided but I should doublecheck)
  • Booth Decor - We should definitely get a poster or pirate flag or something! If we can come up with the design (the one I used for the IGF Kart is definitely fair game) and figure out how/where to get them made, I can throw the money at it!
  • Swag? - I don't know if it's affordable enough, but we could maybe give out discs? Hand-labelled DVRs fit the theme beautifully.
  • Signed Copy - I don't know what to do with it once it's signed, but someone should bring around a DVD/DVD case of this kart or the IGF Kart for signing!

Whew that was a lot of stuff! Like a month ago some people were asking how they could help and I didn't give useful answers, so hopefully it's not too presumptuous of me to ask now! I appreciate any help I get!

Also I feel a need to say this somewhere: I'm seeing some folks talk about "Mike's" pirate karts, I've been doing a few interviews, and I was invited to be a speaker at GDC because of them (just one of the 5-minute microtalks, but still). That doesn't completely sit right with me. The pirate karts being about particular people is pretty much the last thing I want. Someone else gets to organize the next Pirate Kart or other community stunt, ok?

FUN FACT: Apparently Clickteam has a booth at GDC this year! I am so going over there and giving them a high-five!


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~take a deep breath~

Bobby Frye
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An event

Monster March

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Monsters are auditioning for a play ...or something. Spot 'em all!

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An event
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