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TwIFcomp is an IF comp where the entrants were restricted to 140 characters of code, minus whitespace. The results are often wrecktastic. The ones I especially like are You see Chaos Here, LOTR, > by @, Ring, and Money. Most of these games have a link to play them in a browser, so why not try some of them out?

Mutual Devastation


This is a one-player Scorched Earth type game. You control both turrets, and you win if you get them to shoot each other in a single simultaneous strike. Feel free to press R to roll a new terrain map in case the current randomly generated one is too obstructive.

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Love Love Mine

Played this odd gem at Babycastles last week. It's a Japanese PS1 game where your character decides to take a girl out on a series of dates...on mine carts! You need to propel the mine cart by alternating pumping the mechanism with her, impress her by making burgers and collecting fruit, all while making sure she doesn't get hurt by boulders, flying moose, and evil pirates.

More information:

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Russian Roulette

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good luck

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Pirate Kart 2
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PLATFORM: Pygame + Stackless Python

You know the movie Hackers? I aim to be at least fifteen times less technically accurate.

In the grand tradition of gonzo game dev, I've started with only the vaguest notion of what I want to produce (Grids and cubes and pyramids and shit! Robot pirates! I could start with an homage to C64's "Hacker"!), and a neat piece of technology that I want to use (Stackless Python).

Screenshots forthcoming! (Once I've got some code that draws something.)

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Game File: 

I'm mostly uploading this to try and suss out the horrible crashy site bug that happens when you upload a game, but here! Have a game from my distant past!

Made in 1998 at the age of 16, Whirlybird is a remake of a Commodore 64 game by the same name. (It's not a popular or particularly good C64 game, by any stretch; it was on a shovelware disk that a friend of mine had.) Shoot down helicopters before they fly off the screen! Hit the mouse button to detonate a nuclear bomb which destroys everything on screen! And that's about it!

Run it in DOSBox, I couldn't be bothered to port it to Windows.

Alright fingers crossed that I get the error message

Jeremy Penner
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Dices of DESPAIR


Throw the doomed dices of DESPAIR and find out if you're The Chosen One!

Donpeste Games
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Game File: 

Help Timbo the Worm get revenge on the chickens with the help of the magical going-back-in-time potion!

All art assets taken from Animation Library. Music courtesy of SynthMania, recommended by SpindleyQ.

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An Anthology of Irish Democratic Action

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can be played here:


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