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Inverse Eurydice


In this game, you play a mourning mother wandering the spirit realm in search of her child. She has to bring him back, but he moves in vertical directions opposite to her own. I guess that makes it a bit like the old NES game Binary Land, except that the two characters have differing powers - the mother alone can hit switches, and the child alone can pass through walls.

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Open teh KnP files in MMF2

I found out how you can play a KnP game in Windows 7 (this also works for older OS), you have KnP game files while you have MMF2. You know that MMF2 is backwards compatibility and can import/open Klik n Play files, The Games Factory and Multimedia Fusion 1. Just drag and drop the .gam file on the program and then the program will import it.
It's easy.
I use it everytime because i like viewing game sources.

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An Actual Pirate Game


The Pirate Kart needs some rum, aye, 'n pirate games!!!

Kristopher Windsor
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Het Sim 9000 2.0 300% more radical commentary edition

65 heee.png

amazing simulation of heterosexual life
>despair of infinatly reproducing 3d objects
>stunning heterosexual propaganda
>overwhelming fear

Marie Gevaudan
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roll baby

Game File: 

oh what a broken game. knock over the obstacles. collect the fruits and vegetables. roll the baby.

left and right arrow to influence the baby's rolling
up is supposed to be a jump button, but if you're next a wall and you tap it repeatedly you can sort of climb

music is armadillo by yubatake

thanks + enjoy

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Three Bullets Per Minute (3BPM)

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Videogame hero! Pick up you phaser and rid the place of the demon threat!.

Your phaser can only fire three shots per minute, how will you survive?

Rylie James Thomas
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Game File: 

All because I wanted to model a boot.

music by the budos band: "chicago falcon"
other sound from http://www.freesound.org/people/timtube/sounds/69338/

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Sadness: The Game

Game File: 

You have to rescue the head of Noah from the inner back chamber of a giant hunchback. A pretty anxious game created over a few hours. Probably only notable for the sound design. Play with headphones in a darkened room, if you please. Much love.

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Anyone want a CD of my KNP games updated to run on newer hardware?

Hey. so a few months back I made some compilation CDs and DVDs for a games festival here.


So if you want one, let me know and I'll send you one for free :)

Any left-over will be chucked up on my itch.io page, and with other ones I made for the fest (a dream games one, and a general sampler) for maybe $4 each (plus postage?). So this is a special GT friends deal, I guess.

I've also updated all the games' entries here with the new versions. I'll get to MMFerising the rest of my KNP games some other time.

Games included:

  1. Authentic Celestial Shiv
  2. Breakanoid Ball
  3. Breakanoid RC
  4. Bullet Hell Bulldog
  5. Castlevania 10 (can't shoot up, like in the Newgrounds version)
  6. Collecting
  7. Colour2
  8. Fighting Pilot (I couldn't get the arm to work the same way as before though:( )
  9. Glorious Trainwrecks
  10. No No Sleep
  11. Platform RC
  12. Pololo Shodown
  13. Rapture Raptor

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