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Psuedo poetic stream of conciousness writing

very short


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Pre-Pirate Kart Knytt Stories Collaboration Level

Sat, Feb 18 2012 01:00 AM
02/18/2012 - 00:00
02/25/2012 - 00:00

Inspired by this.

From now until the start of Pirate Kart V, we're gonna collaborate on a single level, and then submit it to the Kart! Some rules/guidelines:

  1. Each participant takes turns making a section of the level
  2. Only one section per participant
  3. Make your section between ten and twenty screens long (more of a guideline really)
  4. Try not to spend more than two hours on your section
  5. Please don't edit someone else's section (unless you have a really good idea)
  6. Add a sign message to your first screen stating that you made the section
  7. First person should start the level off with the Run and Climb abilities. Feel free to introduce the other abilities but try to be gradual about it.
  8. When you've finished your section, upload it as a packed file.
  9. Whoever is working on the next section should say so, just so that we don't have two people trying to make section X and thus conflicting with each other.

Submit WIP versions as an attachment to COMMENTS, not as a new game. The final version will get submitted as a game entry to PKV but WIP versions as game entries will just clutter up the database.

Games made for Pre-Pirate Kart Knytt Stories Collaboration Level

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The Eight Abductees


a game with deep meanings

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Snowy Island: yet another Knytt Story

snow_island screen.png

Yet another Knytt Story from me. This level was made for a recent competition on Nifflas's forums (theme: isolation). It's got kind of a Christmas-y feel to it, I think. Anyway, enjoy!

Healy - Snowy Day.knytt_.zip2.25 MB
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Wizard Forest

Game File: 

It's a game about emotions. And wizards.

(As proposed by some beautiful cruncher on the GAME IDEAS spreadsheet.)

Arrows - move
X - Jump
Z - Use item

John D. Moore
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Foot Fault

Game File: 

Foot Fault AKA I'm going to ram this fucking ball down your fucking throat.

Left and right to move, shift to ram a tennis ball. Hurt the linsewoman enough to lose the match.

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Pirate Kart 2

Pineapple (knytt stories level)

Screenshot (34).png

after deciding to revive the knytt of the month klub, despite never having made a knytt stories level, i was inspired to make a little one before i went to sleep. This was made before the jam. It's maybe a little lazy, but it was still fun to make, i spent 2-3 hours on it

meeee e e ee
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Meteor Stroll

Game File: 

Theme: sounds in the dark

You walk around and .. stuff
trying to find a meteor that
has crashed in the woods
something like that

(also twist ending)

(note: submitting early because
no idea if ill have time later)

someone not into large sea creatures
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Fuck the Sun

Game File: 

The Sun began rapid expansion billions of years before we ever anticipated. All other life on Earth has already been destroyed as the Sun grows ever closer to the Earth. You are the sole remaining survivor. Mars’s orbit is out of wack and bits of Mercury fly about the system.

Get revenge of that fucking Sun that fucked us over by using your super mobile suit to launch lasers and missiles to destroy the Sun before it finally fucking destroys our planet.

Humanity may be gone, but you’re not gonna let the fucking Sun destroy all evidence we were ever fucking here.

Arrows move your suit. Z and X shoot.

Update 3/29/2015: Windows 8 compatibility update

John D. Moore
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Merry Coristmas, Sergio

merrycoristmassergio 1a.png

Christmas game for Sergio!

Of your requests I mostly just went with 'or draw all the graphics on paper' and 'dream world', and anything else that fits is a nice coincidence. Many mysterious errors in life and Unity appeared, but everything was overcome with no compromises :D

Hope you like my/your pretty game.

I've added Windows, Mac, and Linux versions. Hopefully the lack of mouse control avoids the usual Mac and Linux errors.

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