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Player 1 : Arrow keys
Player 2 : WASD

You win if you hit the other person before they hit you.

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Nearly there

I'm still mucking around with AGK. I got some of the files I need to test it on after a bit of digging, and having to update other files. I'm running out of room again on my computer, but a few deletes and some backups will free space.

About to go home, eat dinner, then code and see if my games compile for Android, and then I'm in business.

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Heroes Realm

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God against the forces of evil, Satan, Adventure, Mephistocles RPG on this, we have four teams, the main character. Should check with the cave village of dungeons, towers, and steps, and explore tée caves, but defeat evil forces that are changing the nature of the four! The classic RPGs like Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest V and the third kingdom of fun nostalgia joguinejo hero RPG of the old school.

  • (Master of the base class class 12 4 the secret hero of the first class, three out of±three) the category of 22 characters
  • Game content and tons of side quests
  • NES and SNES RPG era in the classical period
  • (As is the case in the Tower of FFVI Kefka!) To replace the multi-party system
  • (At least 5 of them!) Tactical battle of multi-party
  • Big map of the world
  • Fun

    History and divided the first four chapters each devoted to a new champion, in f–ve parts, in Section 5 are collected.

    How can you not think children: First: ChaptÌ8 1?
    You may have to move on to something fishy ... Chapter 2:
    Land of the Rising Sun Chapter 3:
    True calling: Chapter 4
    War on Terror: Chapter 5

    To go to the (Z) or the work "to finD your foot, press the Escape transformation, (X) or down", "Stop / stock

    Additional information is available (and the proof of the game). http://82/ ~ V X [ ÛÔ @ & Ä u¤ ) t R ² V < þ VI 'Ô Û `  ø¤ Ž K 6 N² î   ¬I

    Fabien Porée
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    An event
  • Leon Arnott

    Leon's website is http://l.j-factor.com. He is responsible for Webbed Space Arcade (http://l.j-factor.com/gamemaker/), and the Webbed Space Amateur Variety Twitter (http://twitter.com/webbedspace).

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    Pirate Kart 2


    Brynzeel was born in an igloo and was raised by a manatees. He got trapped by an evil clickteam mafia. Later he broke free using a telepathic oscillator made of dandruff. Nowadays he spends time shooting beams of pure love from his nostrils at unsuspecting pedestrians. On occasions he still suffers from a urgent need to make more bad games.

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    Pirate Kart 2
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    The Origins of Species

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    Words cannot describe.

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    Pirate Kart 2
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    Terror Duck

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    Arrows + X
    Fly through randomly generated blocks and avoid missiles and robots. Also fire missiles out of your mouth.
    Made with haxepunk.

    Took closer to a day than 2hrs sorry. Technical difficulties mostly.

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    An event


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    It is war.
    The slimes have appeared and they're targetting the world.
    But one won't take it.
    He has a log.
    And he'll swing it.

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    An event
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    CANDY BATH - Tequila Edition


    It's a CiNcO DE MAYO Piñata PARTY! (A day late NOW) You are invited to our tequila dungeon.
    You play a cute little robot with a bamboo stick and jumping legs. An alien vessel has been causing mischief. Don't worry, they are at your party and they will hold the candy filled unicorn for you in a teasing but pleasing way.

    Use the arrows to run and jump up.
    X - is for your stick attack.

    Cool features:
    Breakdancing / Secret dance moves like flips and wall slides. (ONLY IN THE DANCE ROOM, (It's right past the tequila dungeon))

    Get todawly faded and on booze shots.

    Breakable Piñata and CANDY Things my cousin drew them!

    Have a party forever with random backgrounds. Keep playing and unlock your personal achievement of seeing them all.

    You will get better at dancing the more shots you have.

    Make sure to wait patiently while Construct2 Loads your HTML 5 virus. Maybe press X at the menu AFTER the music starts for optimum party sounds.
    Thanks For Playing this was a lot of fun to make because I did not sleep last night.

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    An event
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