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Ladies' Auxiliary Klik of the Month Ball #8

Sat, Jun 19 2010 09:00 AM
06/19/2010 - 16:00
06/19/2010 - 18:00

Is the regular Klik of the Month Klub at an absurdly inconvenient time? Then try the Ladies' Auxiliary Klik of the Month Ball! (Ladies' Auxiliary Klik of the Month Ball is open to all genders and time zones.) The Ball takes place at 4PM GMT -- check that link to see what time that falls on for you.

The rules are the same: You get two hours to make a game in Klik & Play. If Klik & Play is a hindrance rather than a boon to your creativity, feel free to dump it for the game creation tool of your choice. If you're new to Klik & Play, check out our Learning KNP FAQ.

It's no fun making games by yourself in a vacuum, so make sure to stop by IRC. Our server is irc.freenode.net, and our channel is #glorioustrainwrecks.

After you've made your game, you should upload it here!

For more information, check out the N00B FAQ.

Sign up below if you'd like to be reminded the day before the ball!

Games made for Ladies' Auxiliary Klik of the Month Ball #8

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Klik&Play Archive

Does anybody actually want to download a Klik&Play archive I have in the making?

If they do then I'll post it on my website when I'm done..

I've asked Jacob Buczynski from http://www.revengeofthesunfish.com about it & he used to make K&P games in IT class. If he has any I think I'll ask him to send them to me.

so email me if you want the archive at

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Art Snob Deluxe

Game File: 

Live out your dreams of being an art snob in Art Snob Deluxe!

*19 Images taken hot off of google image source!
*Mind-bogglingly classy midi (for the perfect balance of size and splendor) soundtrack
*deep, branching gameplay (over 500,000 unique paths!)

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Pirate Kart 2
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Annoying Chirping Blue Jay: Volume 2

Game File: 

In an alternate reality where SOPA somehow actually gets passed, Twitter gets shut down by the feds for a single accusation of copyright infringement! Oh noes!

But we have too many people who can't afford to not be tweeting!

Looks like we'll need to resort to old-fashioned methods... sending messages by pidgeon!

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An event

Playin' with fire!

Playin' with fire.png
Game File: 

Use the space bar to shoot fire and score points. The fire will then bounce around the room- don't get hit by it or you will lose a life! You will get another life every 5 seconds survived. Every once in a while (varies by difficulty) a powerup will fly by allowing you to freeze the fire in place.

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An event

In Memory of Violent Trains

Remembering bygone days.

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An event
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A Boy and His Rhinoceros

Game File: 

The lighthearted adventures of a boy and his favourite nonhuman companion.

Made For: 
Pirate Kart 2
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Ludum Dare 14

Fri, Apr 17 2009 08:00 PM
04/17/2009 - 20:00
04/19/2009 - 20:00

Ludum Dare is a regular community driven game development competition. The goal is, given a theme and 48 hours, to develop a game from scratch. Ludum Dare aims to encourage game design experimentation, and provide a platform to develop and practice rapid game prototyping.

Ludum Dare, though heartily endorsed by Glorious Trainwrecks, is not organized by Glorious Trainwrecks, so posting of progress, etc. should happen over here. But if you do make something, please post a link to it here so we can enjoy it!

Games made for Ludum Dare 14

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Presenting an Idea: The Glorious Trainwrecks Video Project

Ok guys, I'm here today to ask you one simple question, the question being "do you like this idea?".

...It's a bit early to be asking you that though so I am going to tell you what I have.

Introducing "The Glorious Trainwrecks Video Project" (GTVP for short)! The basic idea is that I create a YouTube channel for the site, we both agree on some kind of password so that the rest of the community can log into it and then we can upload videos of both Trainwrecks that we have made and also of Trainwrecks that others have made. The general (and very unrealistic) aim is to have EVERY SINGLE TRAINWRECK have a gameplay video on the channel. It'll take a long time to do it, but I think it could all be worth it in the end. Of course, there has to be some kind of good reason for all of this. Well, my reason is mainly so that not only have we got gameplay videos of our Trainwrecks on YouTube for all to see but we can show off EVERYTHING that our games have to offer, all the secrets, all the easter eggs and everything. On top of that, it's very good for those who can't run the Klik And Play games because they have a 64-bit system as well as people who just straight up can't be arsed to download and play the games themselves.

So? What do you think GT Community? Does it sound good?


Bathroom Selfie Psycho Killer


Narcissistic selfie-posting rage is spreading among your facebook friends but BATHROOM SELFIE PSYCHO KILLER could be hiding behind the curtains!!! Watch out!!!

I guess this is spooky enough to go to KotMK#76 but it was not done in 2 hours, not done with K&P, and uploaded after the deadline.

NB: I apologize, the game takes a long time to load! It's only 20 megs but my server is very slow. Will try to reduce the game's size later.

Want to submit your own selfie for inclusion in the game? Send an email at .pierre-at-lilinx-dot-com.

Pierre Chevalier
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