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Lynx Zzt Graveyard


It was always my hope to create mainstream looking games in and outsider language. Much like trying to hide the fact you created someting with print shop instead of photoshop. These are my attempts which I most likely will not finish.
Hopefully someone can find some value in them.

Dragon Warrior
Dragon.com (font file)
DW2.bat (run this)
DwLevel.hlp (acessible in game to keep track of level advences)

Dragon warrior was a huge untertaking including a huge number of enemies and with help from WiL a very sophisticated battle for any Zzt game. Colliding with world size retrictions and without the desire to split the worlds up the project was left abandoned.


A upgrades and defense style game. Don't let the goblins reach your castle. With a tax collection powerup available and several more in the original game plan.


A classic adventure RPG with puzzle elements set in the land of Darkworld. This game capitalized on the reasons why Zzt is so great. The power of simple ascii characters and Zzt's affinity for displaying text.

MLM Magical land of muggles

This simple puzzle game required the player to place himslef in dangerous places throughout the levels hoping to direct the muggles to thier hole without being destroyed. Only a tutorial board with simple mechanics and a world map comleted.

Dungeon Raise
Dungeon.com (font file)
Dungeon.bat (run this)

An attempt at a 3D dungeon engine in Zzt. This engine met with board size limits and would only accomodate a few objects and enemies. It could still work if I was willing to sacrifice game depth and length.

Future.com (font file)
Future.bat (run this)

Several different weapons were implemented in this multi-level adventure shoot-em-up.

If anyone has the desire to finish these games or has additional comments send me an email.
Or make comments in the comments section!!!


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Tell Time

Tell Time.png
Game File: 

Tell time!

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Pirate Kart 2

Entry #2

Dear Diary,

I hesitate to tell you that today I needlessly used up a couple sheets of paper trying to derive a general transformation from (x,y) coordinates to rotational coordinates. It sure made for an odd feeling. I'm in my 30s -- long out of school -- and couldn't remember the word for 'trigonometry.' I assume stubbornness kept me from trying to look it up. Or maybe I thought this would be a fun way to spend an early Saturday morning?

I did, however, remember that A squared plus B squared equals C squared, though Mr. P's theorem turned out to be a red herring (half a page worth of scribbles down the drain! You should be happy you're not made of paper, dear Diary, else I might have been tempted to scribble those notes in you).

What did the trick was punching in test cases into a calculator until I remembered how sine, cosine, tangent, and their variants work (ArcTangent I don't remember ever learning about, but it's brilliant!), and drawing up test cases until I realized what I was actually trying to do was to rotate the coordinate system through a certain angle (which would change over time based on position and velocity).

It turns out it works like this (for future reference, or in case you're interested, my bestest bookish friend):

Rotational Speed component = Sin(Angle-of-Motion - Position's-Angle-from-origin) * Speed-of-motion
Centripetal Speed component = Cos(Angle-of-Motion - Position's-Angle-from-origin) * Speed-of-motion

And that Angle-of-Motion is the ArcTan(vertical-speed-component/horizontal-speed-component)
And that Angle-from-origin is the ArcTan(vertical-position/horizontal-position)

Diary, am I proud of these accomplishments? Yes, of course. I only tell you this so you will love me more.

Yours, as always,

p.s. - Why no superscript and subscript tags? This entry could have been so much spiffier.


Once, very long ago, in a copse of pretty little trees by a pleasant little stream, there lived a young fox by the name of ARGLEBARGLE. ARGLEBARGLE was not sly or clever like his fox brothers. ARGLEBARGLE mostly just wanted to bite things. ARGLEBARGLE's brothers would often chat up tasty-looking passers-by, luring them with their cunning into highly compromising and edible states. ARGLEBARGLE was not so keen on that. He mostly did okay anyway, though.

Then one beautiful fall afternoon, ARGLEBARGLE was killed by a hound. THE END

Shoe trends to produce early planting season

Sat, Nov 03 2012 05:00 AM
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11/04/2012 - 05:00

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Gladiator shoes
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Games made for Shoe trends to produce early planting season

Lunar Legume

Game File: 

Lunar Lander, but you plant your ship on the green pads to give future selves speed boosts! Created for Indie Game: The Movie: The Queue: The Game Jam at GDC in ~2 hours

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An event
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Dracula Cha Cha


I'm not 100% sure at this stage, but it looks like this could be one hell of a glorious trainwreck. Here's hoping.

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The End of the Rainbow


Over the sky, the rainbow appears. On a clear day like this, it stretches as far as the eye can see. You've heard many a tale about the wondrous treasures found at its end, but none have ever been confirmed.

You turn your head to the sky and set your heart on it. You will find what's waiting at... The End of the Rainbow!

Run and jump with the arrow keys!
Collect burgers to keep your strength (score) up!
Uncover the secret of a lifetime!

The End of the Rainbow!

Made with Klik n Play.

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An event

The Athletic Guy: The Adventure (?)


An intense jump action pumped platform adventure.

Donpeste Games
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An event




You are ace pilot, LISA BLASTARR, charged by CORPORAL GARY to save the Earth from certain destruction! Summon the NUCLEAR MATADOR to stop the TAURUS CONSTELLATION from crashing into our planet! Stop the MOON MUMMIES and their naughty leader, CLIFTON FIREHORSE!

Used a few KNP sprites to bring this game to life, and only a few of my own. The character portraits are from party favours from my birthday party years ago. I did the male character voices while Dr. Larson did the voice for Blastarr. Music by playonloop.com and sound effects made with BFXR.

I admit this game is more a vehicle for the cutscenes to exist. It was incredibly fun to make.

It's over 7.5MB in size, so even though it's a Flash file it still may take a minute to load. My apologies.

EDIT: fixed up the ending so if you are defeated then the game won't take forever and a day to end properly (I hope). Anyone else with bug reports, please share.


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An event
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