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Zapper Maths

Game File: 


Use your maths skill to not die.

NOTE: You need to have sound turned on to play, and it's best to use headphones as I couldn't hear the speech very well on speakers.


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Klik of the Month Klub #33 (Mar 2010)

Death Scorpions From Hell II


We here at Makai Sasori wish to let you know the sequel to our previous game Death Scorpions From Hell actually works. The members of the team that let the buggy version of our previous game be released have been dealt with by our resident ninja squad. Those that survived impalement and incineration by our greatest ninja member have been transformed into puppets of death by our other ninja member.

Arrows/joystick = movement
Button 1 = shoot laser vision

Destroy as many Death Scorpions From Hell as you can before you die.

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Pirate Kart 2
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Server break-in

Hi all,
So, the server what hosts Glorious Trainwrecks Dot Com was compromised on December 16th, 2010. If you are interested in gory technical details, this guy had a very similar experience to mine.

Since this attack appears to have happened to a bunch of other servers, I have no reason to believe that we were targetted specifically. I don't even know if they did anything with root access, once they got it. I don't see much evidence, in the way of new files, that they did. Considering they were so sloppy about breaking in that they left the source code of their rootkit lying around and didn't clear my outgoing mail server's error logs when they broke it, I'm willing to believe that they didn't really care too much if their activities were discovered.

I do know that they broke our outgoing email, so new users trying to sign up did not receive their confirmation emails, and no one got mail reminding them about Klik of the Month. Investigating that was what led me to discovering this hack.

I have kicked the intruders off of my box, upgraded my system to patch the security holes they used to get in, and manually uninstalled the rootkit (which thankfully was pretty simple).

However, the lovely thing about rootkits is that you can't necessarily tell for certain what was done to you. So I don't know if they've snooped in our database to try and extract passwords, for example. Drupal 5's default password hashing scheme is miserable, and I regret not having set up an improved scheme before this happened. If you are security conscious, you may want to change your password, here and anywhere else you use the same password.

I am confident enough in my recovery that I am keeping the site up; however, moving the site to a clean server reinstalled from scratch is something I plan to attempt to do soon, for everyone's peace of mind.

tl;dr: Romanian script kiddies may or may not be trying to sell your password on the black market.

Memory Improved

Game File: 

This is an improvement of the classic solitaire matching game, Memory. Whereas in the original you could only reveal one card at a time, this game lets you see the 8 cards surrounding the card you chose. Also, the victory condition is now considerably less tedious than in the original, which required all of the cards to be matched. Instead, matching cards gradually reveals a password hidden beneath the playing field. Enter the password as soon as you can see what it is, and you've won the round. Faster games, with less needless and aimless clicking, is Memory Improved's promise.

"Diddled Bits" font by Anne Thoreau P.

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An event
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Temporal Banana


Made for #OneGameAMonth - February 2013.

(NOTE: Temporarily hosting this on Glorious Trainwrecks until I can get a site up.)

This game was inspired by a feature found in Alien Soldier where playing on the "Supereasy" difficulty allows you to adjust the game speed while paused. It got me thinking about game speed and its correlation with player skill. In that vein, Temporal Banana is a (very) basic SHMUP with a twist - the game's speed changes based on how well you play. Defeat lots of needle bombs to increase the speed. Conversely, taking damage makes the game slower. However, one thing remains constant - the timer ticks away at the same speed regardless of how fast everything else moves. As you play, your banana continues to ripen until it is overripe (that is, you run out of time). If you take damage while overripe, you lose the game! If, however, you defeat the giant Space Durian, you will be victorious.

If you want more challenge, press T at the title screen to play "Time Flux Mode", which is inspired by Leon Arnott's "Aorta of Time".

There's not a whole lot to this game. In a way, I kind of wish I gave the Space Durian more than one attack. It definitely lacks variety. At the same time I worry that adding lots of different attacks would make the game speed deviate too much since the speed would be dictated not quite so much by the player's skill, or perhaps some attacks would be easier or harder than others, causing the speed to deviate quite a bit depending on which attacks the player were most affected by... More than anything this game is just an experiment concerning game speed and I don't think it needs to be anything more...


Dattorz (@gt_effbee)
Made For: 
An event


A very short Twine game about a dream.

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USEFUL TOOLS INC: Avatar Creator

Game File: 


Picture your very soul with 4 megapixels camera technology photograph your inside and splay on screen in 4 picture composition. GOOD FUN FAMILY

British Games For British Peoples
Made For: 
An event
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Donkey Kong City

Game File: 

Donkey Kong takes a nice stroll through the city.

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Made For: 
An event
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Crush Fetish 3

Game File: 

Collab with Increpare

Made For: 
Pirate Kart 2
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mojofltr's pot of odorous curiosity


Yesterday I started a racing engine in K&P. It's unlikely I'll do anything with it because the fun part is already done and... well, I'm me.


or here is a video if you don't have K&P installed:


A curious thing: I opened this up in Fusion 2.5 to see if there would be any errors. Unsurprisingly, it breaks. I discovered that newer versions of Clickteam software don't allow for negative scores. It wouldn't be a big task to fix it, but I don't care enough.

A friend of mine remixed the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zW9Np6-1mw0

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