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Troll Logic


It's a little Twine interactive fiction thing.
my first entry. really fun to make, mebbe kills a minute or two in the playing :)
EDIT thanks for feedback, lots of thanks! who knew there was + feedback on the internetS. reuploaded, fixed a couple mistakes.

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Groaning At My Baby


A good, modern blues. Groans supplied by SighCorp CEO Lilith Megiddo.

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I am a Linux user

Hello people of this site. I came across this site god knows how following some link for that Mike Tyson Jungle Beat game a few months ago.

Anyway I forgot about it because I usually just browse the net at work but now I want in please.

The problem is that I am a cheap person who uses Linux. Don't get the wrong idea. My computer skills are severely limited. It's just cheaper. Basically I can't get that KnP thingie to work properly in Wine. (Are we keeping up so far?)

Does anyone have any kind of cheat sheet for someone who uses Linux and who can't program his way out of a paper cup so he can be in your club? I also live in the UK meaning I would have to sacrifice a bloody Saturday night in order to do this. I might make a party out of it.

Thanks in advance if anyone reads this. If you reply then...erm...mad props.


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realistic daynight simulator

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if you think real life is too slow you can watch day turn to night in this exciting sim!

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Pirate Kart 2
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Football to people who don't like football: A SIMULATOR


For people who do not like the footballs. Use this on football fans to show them what they're watching looks like to non football fans. Accurate simulation to 1/1000 degree of realistic-accuracy and tested by experts on a field.


British Games For British Peoples
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Soccer Judge: The Revenge

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Made in literally 10 minutes, mostly by my friend Liam.

An epic tale of revenge.

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An event

Grand Vampire Chase


My game for my duel with Jonathan Whiting. (see here)

(and yeah: the title screen depicts me beating Jonathan at J.S.Joust. Take that!)

Michael Brough
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An event
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...is a game in which you click things. Click here to play

Get it while it's hot.

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Super Rocky VII

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Now you too can live the glory in this unlicensed supersequel to the hit movie Rocky.

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Pirate Kart 2
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Cursor Minigame


Avoid the lasers with your mouse. The real ending is showed when you get 30.000. i have to admit this is really, really hard.

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An event
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