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We believe in the player! That is we main goal! If player isnt happy we not happy! This why we make same game that sell wrell again and again. if they love first time they love many time!

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Pirate Kart 2

Desert World

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first game ever made.. silly idea. peters out near the end.

special thanks go to alex whitington and alex scobell

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You are an elephant trying to escape from an explosion right behind you.
Your mission is to run for it at all costs.
You cannot move left or right, but you can jump.
Get the grapes to go forward, and avoid the barrels to not regress.
Get the computers for +10 multiplier and the "multiplier multiplicator'' to multiplicate your multiplier (what)
Jump on the Yellow Joggers for points.

Try to get 1,000,000 points for the real ending!

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An event

Two Hours in Two Hours


Type "Two Hours" as many times as possible in two hours. Not fun. Flashing colors warning. PC/Mac/Linux.

Total Bummer!
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An event

okay the eh rebber boo djan?

Wed, Nov 27 2013 10:40 AM
11/27/2013 - 12:40
11/29/2013 - 23:52

eat it goes something like this
so santa? it was he was still really tired today

he decided that i just wanna get a yule log today
and then sit there and look at the log
but i'm really tired of being at the log
so he set up, he set up something else
he set up a fake log. he asked people to
make him a program that had a little fake log in it.
because you could burn it up and then people would
be really happy to look at it. it was, it was very

special. special like the devil. but the, but the devil
has has lots of horns, and, and santa really, doesn't.
all he has is a lot of fhread. sometimes he gives people
lots of bread. you, have to give them lots of bread, or

else they will be very very sad. they will be very sad

and they won't have to go in to the elevator, cuz the

elevator is very, very dangerous. be cause, somebody

forgot to put the sign up, the sign up that says get the

expletive out and ehhyou had to go. theyhad to go and

they had to turn on the a/c, because it was getting

really warm in there, because they let the yule log get

too hot, they decided hey, i don't need that yule log

anymore. it's not m your fred it's not my friend

neither. santa took some yoga, because he was feeling

very bossy. and he forgot to flossy. he was very very

sad. he forgot his sled. his, sled warmer. his sled

warmer, and his sled polish. his sled polish, was gotta

golish. his, m gotta some galoshes there's polish, n it

was very sad. so he got some headlights. and he got a

tree. and he said "HEY! Why don't you just get this

headlights and get this tree and then go out and get

steeringwheel?" and some, some wheels too, cuz you don't

need the steering wheels, you need them to function the

wheels. and then the light. he had to turn it on. it had

to turn it on cuz it was very sad. it was very sad

because you forgot to put the ferns out. cuz the ferns

out were very happy until they were left out for too

long. they said that they wanted water. and they wanted

spores. they wanted spores. cuz therrr yeauu get really

sad without em. and then you gotta go you gotta go play

punchout you cuz punchout's a lot of fun. and you gotta

put the signs up. cuz if you don't put the signs up,

they get really sad. and then you say uh oh. where's my,

where's my, where's my der dur dar tv dinner? and you're

like no oh uh oh uh i don't have a tv dinner right now.

It's not where I want it to be. It's t t not, you gotta

put the stew over there. You gotta put the stew over

there. Because, ea you have to hid it in the pharma, in

the pharmacy to get the, to get the RX, cuz people like

to eat the vitamins, the arxes, the arxes are very

special. They like to, they like to teleport people.

That's what you gotta do. and then so. we take this,

ewoo we take this moment tuhh uhh you know say goodbye

and stuff.

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Games made for okay the eh rebber boo djan?

Exil Chaistmas 1

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Before I learned of Foreign clipart that sung and danced and greeting carded for you, I came up with this title. This one will REALLY get you in the season, and I figure it's a good throwback to really get things going. I recall putting a lot of work into this one back in the day using some extra curricular procedures for the fancy art scheme. Who knows? It's been so long. Lost technologies but this was part of the puzzle, the one that brings you a joy for the season, to really patch things up. It's pretty much a 10 year anniversary of it so it may also have some datedness in it, but regardless enjoy. With this marking I think now it's time to bring back the ZZT caravan back in. Have an Exil Chaistmas everyone.

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An event
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Cop Swallower

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Like most people, you've probably wanted to swallow a cop. But it can be scary to approach a cop in real life and engulf them in your giant mouth. That's because cops have guns and they might shoot you. In this game, the cops still have guns, but they will only shoot each other. Therefore, you can swallow as many as you want with no fear!


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An event
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Sheriff Justice: A Call to Justice

Sheriff Justice.png
Game File: 

You are Sheriff Justice, the most badass sheriff in the Wild West.
Mr. Pretty Boy, world-renowned gay bank robber, has come to your town and stolen money. He wants to use it towards his wardrobe. You must stop the perp before he gets away!

Arrow keys to move, spacebar to shoot.
(Hint: If you say yes to being ready for Sheriff Justice, be prepared to go after and shoot.)

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An event
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Dracula Heat Wave

I would not be surprised if some of you had already played this, but if you have not check it out here. I like it a lot!

Tower of Mankind

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The tower is being destroyed, climb to the top to save your life!
This is more or less a "sequel" to my game Fate of Mankind, which was also included on the IGF Pirate Kart. If you haven't played it yet, try it out first!

Arrow keys to move and jump.

Leonardo Millan
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An event
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