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the haunted mouse

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a game about cheating at the pokewalker


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A "Game Generation Tool" by Ian Bogost and a bunch of other academics. You define the game logic in a flow chart fashion by placing nouns and connecting them with verbs, matching nouns to clip art either provided by the site or uploaded by the developer, and letting it randomly pick win/loss conditions and core gameplay. Its creators intend it to be used by news outlets to create games based on current events, but let's be honest here. It's a trainwreck generator.

Site: http://game-o-matic.com/ (email registration required)
Sample games: http://game-o-matic.com/play.php?code=69834647 http://game-o-matic.com/play.php?code=86784650

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The Reha Soft Breakout Clone

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Just a little game I made in 5 minutes.

I am trying to get my original games from early in '13 to this PC but I'm having trouble so I may not be able to upload them

Hope you enjoy this trainwreck.

Reha Soft
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Duel in Concert: Piano Man X Tambourine Man


This fickle concert audience keeps changing its mind: Does it want The Piano Man to play them a song? Or do they want Mr. Tambourine Man to play? Spotlight the right one at the right moment to get points! Beat my high score of 30,920!

(The game has an ending when both songs finish ~2:15)

John D. Moore
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PAX Quest


I attended PAX this year! As part of my devious plan to spread the Glorious Trainwrecks way of game-makering, I put aside an hour to set up a laptop in a vaguely low-traffic area with an attractive sign promising people that I would make games for them. I quickly got a taker, who sat down and chatted with me for about an hour as I made PAX Quest In Glorious Klik-O-Vision! Many other people looked and smiled -- one guy even stopped to say he liked my sign -- but no one else stopped to see what I was doing. It may or may not have had something to do that I was mostly looking at my computer and there was a dude sitting beside me, presumably getting a game made. (Turned out he was a Mac user so he won't be able to play it.)

In conclusion: Fun experiment! Mixed results. Afterwards my legs hurt.

Oh, the game? PAX Quest is a fairly accurate representation of some of the more annoying portions of PAX. I resisted the temptation to make waiting in line real-time.

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Press Enter And Don't BSSWYM


The sequel to the epic burning game! this time, don't burn the spheres.

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Shirtspeare Shirtspeare Revolution: The Designening

I want a Shakespeare Shakespeare Revolution t-shirt. I am not a graphic designer. Here is what I have:

Now, I would not be ashamed to wear such a shirt, but I wonder if it couldn't be punched up a bit. And I wonder if you fine people would like to help!


  1. I've doctored the screenshot enough that I wouldn't find it a terrible sin to replace the default Klikfont with some real Shakespearean shit.
  2. If there's a spot that would be drastically helped by the addition of a different colour, it needs to be a great big spot that I can block off with masking tape, and not a detail.
  3. Where does the glow-in-the-dark go? Shakespeare's sunglasses? The word "SPLEENY"?
  4. Definitely needs more hamburgers/umbrellas.

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Game Develop - A great 2D gamemaking tool (something between Construct and KNP/TGF/MMF)

I know that you're interested in playing games, but did you even wanted to make one? Here it goes...
I've recently stumbled upon this gem. It is great game making tool. It is also free (as in free beer) to use and very easy. Let's say that if you worked with Clickteam's TGF/MMF series or Construct, you'll quickly learn it (matter of few hours).

IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR LINUX USERS: Temporarily Linux version is broken (I've found bug preventing it from working), so you'll need to use this download link: http://www.compilgames.net/dl/gd2010543linux.tar.lzma.

Above message was posted by me on other board (except of first line and "-------" things) and because of that this post have some degree of inconsistency.

Anyway, this program is very good as it require no programming knowledge AT ALL - you can make game without coding a line! But, if you want, you can use C++ code in your project. Because of that this tool is very flexible. And you can make your game for all most used platforms (Windows, Mac and Linux). Very liberal license also allows you to sell games made with this tool without paying any royalties to CompilGames (of course it would be fair to donate them - I'll do it whenever I get paid this month and I rarely buy software/donate software projects)

Brothers of Blues


Pile up as many cars as you can!

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private message.net


oh god please dont play this

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Pirate Kart 2
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