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Let's go outside

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Fernando RAmallo

Control time in an alien planet!

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Possible trainspotting goldmine

The Daily Click has a new subsite called the Klik Museum.

Check out Atom Boy 2.

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Presenting an Idea: The Glorious Trainwrecks Video Project

Ok guys, I'm here today to ask you one simple question, the question being "do you like this idea?".

...It's a bit early to be asking you that though so I am going to tell you what I have.

Introducing "The Glorious Trainwrecks Video Project" (GTVP for short)! The basic idea is that I create a YouTube channel for the site, we both agree on some kind of password so that the rest of the community can log into it and then we can upload videos of both Trainwrecks that we have made and also of Trainwrecks that others have made. The general (and very unrealistic) aim is to have EVERY SINGLE TRAINWRECK have a gameplay video on the channel. It'll take a long time to do it, but I think it could all be worth it in the end. Of course, there has to be some kind of good reason for all of this. Well, my reason is mainly so that not only have we got gameplay videos of our Trainwrecks on YouTube for all to see but we can show off EVERYTHING that our games have to offer, all the secrets, all the easter eggs and everything. On top of that, it's very good for those who can't run the Klik And Play games because they have a 64-bit system as well as people who just straight up can't be arsed to download and play the games themselves.

So? What do you think GT Community? Does it sound good?


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Stalin Vs. Hitler

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It is time of 2nd World War...

Think for a second... if all you were told was a lie. That the events of hitsory have been manipulated
to make you feel safer in your mind. This is a game based on the TRUE events, discovered just days ago.
The truth of what happened to HitLer! Contrary to belief, HitLer did not suicide!
It was actually a team of elite mercenaries, hired by the russian leader, Joseph Stalin, as a last resort
in the middle of the chaos when he was distracted. Had he not been killed, he actually had far darker plans than
anyone had ever imagined.

Luckily for us, they succeeded. And survived.
This is a game based on true events, Zecks games inc has worked together with those
honorable veterans who have been kept silent until now.

Get ready, this is what war truly feels like.


I wanted to have a weirder/more cinematic ending but eh.

It's one of my better klikwrecks but I'm pretty sure that my golden age is about over already.
I still have ideas for more but I'll try to participate only when I feel like from now on.

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Small question: Submitting games outside of KotMK?

A short question:

Where do I submit games if it's not "Klik of the Month" yet? The FAQ might've mentioned it, but I didn't really catch that...

Indie Game: The Game: The Videogame


Navigate your way through the exciting world of indie games!

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Meat Stacker

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Stack as many raw beefs as you can. Use SHIFT to drop a piece of meat. you have only 3 Lives, so aim carefully. The higher the tower becomes, faster the aim moves, say hi to the Space Executive and good luck!

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The popcorn game

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A fun holiday game I used to help someone get interested in MMF2 with.

Beware! Popping popcorn can be scary!

All mouse controls. Click the popcorn.

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Stack The Cups: Cupstackers in China

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it's not apparent from this game

but i'm in a really bad trainwreckmood right now

i hope i can do something else

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Super Clipboard Charity Botherer 2: Bother Harder


Ever wanted to experience the highs and lows of being a charity botherer? Well now you can in Super Clipboard Charity Botherer 2: Bother Harder!!

Take to the streets of an accurately recreated UK town and hassle passers by for spare change by retelling your most heart wrenching sob-stories.

Caution: Game contains genuinely saddening stories about squirrels.

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An event
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