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Far Out Space

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It's been too long since I posted something, so I made something.

This is sort of a beta since the game is rather unbalanced and can be very unfair, I'm gonna release more updates with more crazy stuff down the line, I'm having rather fun making this. :)

Update 1: Some more enemies and powerups, difficulty should be a bit more managable.

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PLON (Platforming Version Of Tron)


Something I made during Assemblee that I didn't want to enter into the contest (given the complete lack of interest in my ACTUAL entry I probably should have). It's a 2 player game with Player 1 (Sir PLONelot) using A and D to move left and right with W to jump, while Player 2 (Madame de PLONpadour) uses the left and right arrow keys with up to jump.

The concept was to have everything be used by the same sprite, however I've added an option to change the sprite used with the C button. Warning this may provide seizure inducing and/or game breaking side effects.

The gameplay revolves around not touching anything but your own PLON field and even then you have to crap out a new PLON block within a certain time or you lose.

Made with Game Maker 7 Lite.


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Raccoon Wings


Two players!
Player 1 moves with A and D and jumps/hovers by pressing W. Player 2 uses the arrow keys. Stomp your opponent and move to the next screen (right for player 1, left for player 2). Reach the far side to win!

Oh hey! I can embed stuff right here can't I?

In my head this is a mash-up of ideas from Joust/Super Mario War, Mighty Bomb Jack, Kirby games, and Nidhogg, with graphics ripped off of Super Mario Bros. 3. But you could also say it is basically thumb wrestling. With levels. And one player has to win 7 more times than the other before the game actually ends.

I went waaaaaaaaaaaay over two hours. I've probably spent about 16 on it :/ It got to a point where the tweaks I would want to make would require me doing them in each of 15 or 16 frames, so I think I'm going to just call it done now. I haven't actually played with another human, so it might be (read: probably is) complete garbage.

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raccoonwings.zip (original KNP version)2.31 MB
raccoonwings_32bit.zip (32-bit exe)2.55 MB
raccoonwings.swf1.4 MB
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It's like knocking over dominoes, except with explosions...?

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Pirate Kart 2
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Collectable Monsters

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my games have mostly ended up being tech demos :/
try to get all the pokemons though

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Pirate Kart 2
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Poor Thing Update


Hi anybodies,

I have been working on Poor Thing almost every day for five months. Recently I had a bit of a breakdown and I cannot bringmyself to start working on it again, but I will, don't worry, small steps. It is just overwhelming. But I want to finish it. But it just gets bleaker and more depressing, the game I mean. So stepping away for a bit but instead I complete the backstory and work on the plot and these things are actually progressing. I've been working on my music more recently and I am also making a music video on KnP, I will post it when I'm done. There are many new levels added but it is all a secret and I cannot show you the secret levels.

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Pamela's Adventures in DreamLand


adventure into the mysterious world of dreams

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Due to my time zone placing the Klik of the Month event at an ungodly hour, I have made my entry early. Attached is my very first complete Klik 'n Play game, Mz.

Mz.zip28.27 KB
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Prof. EagleEye 4


The Prof. is not done finding differences, oh no.
Not even close.
His newest adventure brings him to the edge of the universe.

-So many differences
-Less of a black sheep in the series than MUHAMMAD 4
-More differences than in the first and third one
-Less differences than in the second one
-All shiny and new
-A lot harder than the other ones because everything is mirrored thanks to Noyb being mean
-The prof would beat Noyb in finding differences

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Delicious Breakfast


A remake of the first game I ever completed with Inform 7. Can you have a Delicious Breakfast?

(Blah blah blah you'll need an interpreter blah blah blah Windows Frotz blah blah blah Zoom for the Mac.)

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Pirate Kart 2
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