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Sea Glass Beach Blaster

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An intergalactic space battle as told through beach debris.

*new version, recompiled on GM Studio instead of GM8. Works on Windows 8.

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Cake out

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KotM is on my birthday! How cool is that! Because I am not self-centered, I made my birthday-related game ahead of time and will use the given two hours to make a more general-purpose game

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dont use Z and X for your games- PLEASE

for the love of god it's really annoying. what's wrong with good ol' knp shift and ctrl or use x and c

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Turkey Dash

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Dash, turkey, dash!

Left/right - Dash!
X - Jump!

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Charm City Patrol


(I confess this took me MUCH longer than 2 hours to do; it originally started as a GT project, but quickly ballooned. It still looks kinda crappy, but plays solid enough and definitely has the GT spirit.)

You are a cop. A damn good one. Patrol through Baltimore City.

Press the ENTER key to begin the game.
Steer your car with LEFT and RIGHT. Press UP to accelerate, and DOWN to stop and go in reverse.

Collect EVIDENCE and bust PERPS by rolling your car into them.
If you want to connect with an informant, STOP your car and they will walk to you.
(as long as they are not blocked)
If you crash into buildings too many times, you will end the game by taking a desk job for the department.
(Don't worry, you won't be fired.)


Created in a day for Glorious Trainwrecks.
Inspired by the NES game “Motor City Patrol” and over 15 years of living in Baltimore City, Maryland, USA.

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If you looked at the GloriousTrainwrecks.exe page, you might've noticed I posted about making a Pirate Kart II-esque jukebox for it. (If you don't know, Pirate Kart II had a jukebox on the top corner containing songs made by the community.)
ExciteMike mentioned that he got people on Twitter to talk about a music-making event. What happened with that?

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Go after the metal gears, but watch out for liquid!

Sophie Houlden
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A Faster Computer


A game i created solely to make a joke on computer crashes. Top features include a wide variety of things to avoid, The glitchiest parallax scrolling on the market, a faux mode 7 perspective that causes bikes to be in midair for no reason, and a strange application of prime numbers to make the title screen music.

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KNP game preservation - 11 KNP games salvaged from a shareware CD


Way back in the mid nineties I bought a shareware CD (simply titled Win Games) at a computer expo because I saw not one but two of the screenshots on the cover were from KNP games as I recognized the clip art. Included in the attached zip file are all 11 KNP games that were on the CD.

This probably isn't quite the right place to put this since I don't claim any of the work involved, but hopefully you'd let it slide since it's about game preservation and I wanted to blog a bit about my thoughts on each one

Here is a list of all the games included. Note that some of them have text in German (Mach's Rache, Beewatch, Bumble Boom, Tucker's Adventure, and Spaceballs) if you care about the story, since it doesn't affect gameplay much in most instances.

Poor attempt at a shoot em up, although it was probably one of someone's early attempts at one.

*Bat and Ball
Breakout clone. The help file is rather silly and even tries to give an explanation for the goofy KNP physics engine.

Catch the small bees in the bottle, shoot the large bees with the gun, and grab more ammo with the hand if you run out. Has some scrolling effects, and I learned quite a bit about manipulating alterable values on active objects from this game. Controls are somewhat awkward, since you use the space bar instead of clicking the mouse and have to change cursors with 1/2/3 in the number keys. (text is in German)

*Bumble Boom
Move the mouse to collect hearts. (text is in german)

*Egyptian Chopper Force
Simple game with mouse movement. One of the games featured on the cover of the CD. Also isn't Egyptian.

*Mach's Rache 5 - Episode 2: The Corsar System
A shoot em up with different gameplay/objectives every level, plenty of clip art/stock sound effect abuse and title music ripped from a CD. Between levels are messy story dumps littered with text and clip art (see screenshot) and crudely drawn ms paint comics and photos with unfitting music plays. In short, a glorious trainwreck. (text is in German)

Another breakout clone (and not the last).

Yet another breakout clone, except with mouse movement and more trainwrecky. Has nothing to do with the movie. (text is in german)

Tank game where you can move the turret separately with the <, >, and M keys and strafe targets. Most interesting thing is that it was created with a commercially licensed copy of KNP and therefore is truly "shareware" (being a shareware episode demo for the registered version) instead of freeware.

*Tucker's Adventure 1
Puzzle game where you must collect all the diamonds in the maze. You only have a limited amount of shots to destroy enemies and walls by picking up powerups. I have no idea why you're shooting diamonds at an old lady. (text is in german)

*Winnoid Demo
Last (and least) of the breakout clones. The other game that made the cd cover

Out of these games, Beewatch, Mach's Rache 5, Tucker's Adventure 1, and Tanx are the most worthwhile to look at. I hope that you get some enjoyment out of these, and that you agree there's some merit in preserving them.

knpsharewarecd.zip7.89 MB
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Killing of the Great Pumpkin


Killing Of the Great Pumpkin

A game by Mark Porter with music by Duncan Fenn.

Thanks to Philip Linde.

Yesterday I joined glorioustrainwrecks and made my first game in years- well 5 years to be exact. I have to admit it was quite a lot of fun so I felt like doing something else well just today - with the remaining motivation and spirit. I have to admit this game took longer than 2 hours because my computer would fuck up and a lot of other problems. The graphics just took me like 25 minutes so the rest got wasted in coding.

I still hope you enjoy this title even though it took longer than 2 hours. Sorry but I didn't want to submit a buggy piece of junk.




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