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The Incredible Trainwreck


This is a simple contraption game made in KNP. select the machines and place anywhere you want and watch your machine go by itself!

You can choose to play in puzzle mode in which you have to conduct the ball to the cat without bashing your machines into the wall or on each other, and the (preferred by me) sandbox mode. there is no rules in sandbox mode as well as objectives, it's just for fun.

The music came from Voyetra Midi Orchestrator as some demostrations they were not made by me

flavius v. maximus
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Wonderful Swamp Crab


A text adventure about a wonderful swamp crab. You choose the destiny of this gentle crab.

Coded in Inform 7, you can play online or by downloading the .zblorb file and opening in Gargoyle.

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An event


Game File: 

Get ready for the most high tech game to ever go on anything ever. Its also the most fun game to go on anything ever and the most best game and also everything.

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Pirate Kart 2
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Christmas Collecting




A tribute.

original game by Rylie James Thomas
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Space Chase

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Very quick game where you're being chased by kamikaze space ships. They've chased you into an Asteroid field.

Survive as long as you can by tricking the enemy ships into crashing into the Asteroids!

Controls are WSAD or ARROWS. (Up = accelerate, Down = turn tighter)

Was going to implement a timer but ran out of time!

Use the dropbox link for updated versions.

Andrew Stewart - triplevision games
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A Thesis about the Complexity of Simply Winning and then Loading a Winning Screen

Game File: 

If you open the game, you win automatically! You'll need to wait for the Congratulatory Screen to finish loading tho, and because it is a very complex procedure it may take a while to do so. But fear not, because you can listen to a sample of a portuguese fado about slavery while you wait.
And it is worth the wait. Hint: use the arrow keys on the winning screen and catch the small squares

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wonderful value

Re. the marker games::

I am currently at 44 games since mid-September and hope to get up to 50, after which I will take a break... I finished work last week so it's good timing insofar that the format of the games was basically constructed to tie in with my job schedule.

When I reach 50 games I am going to bundle up the whole bunch as a single package, with a loader program and some notes, and try selling that for ca$h monies. the individual games here will stay up + free... i don't know if this is opportunistic but i'm kind of basing it on how james kochalka's diary comics (which were part of what got me making these) were posted individually for free on his webpage and then bundled up for sale in books after a while. also, the way that the glorious trainwrecks pirate karts (which were the OTHER part of what got me making these) built a shared context for these games which helped change the way they were experienced. so, look out for that - - hopefully later this december or in january at some point.

I am also looking into how to use Anaconda to create Mac and Linux versions of the MMF2 games, in which case there will be mac / linux versions of the package too, and maybe of the individual game pages here.

Happy Xmas,

- Stephen

Pamela's Adventures in DreamLand


adventure into the mysterious world of dreams

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Irish Car Bomb

Game File: 

Make Irish car bombs! But make sure you do it in the right order or you lose points!

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Pirate Kart 2
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When Knights Were Bold


This ran way over 2 hrs in the making, but still, it's a friggin wreck.
CONTAINS some ADULT themes and JUVENILE humor. you have been warned!

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