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Psuedo poetic stream of conciousness writing

very short


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Triguy Placement


With over 150 levels of pure puzzle platforming fun and a variety of different modes and settings, this game can keep you entertained for several hours.

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The rise of a Smoorf, the fall of a man.

According to my to-do list (which, like all track-keeping, doesn't in any way give out actually reliable
information about how long finishing stuff will take) I'm about a third of the way (the least painful
third) done now. But let's not talk about that.

Let's talk about Smoorfs.

What is a Smoorf? [sic]
A miserable little pile of joke games, that's what.
(full title: Murfit Pirasee Vehlo Kanka Noka Pröt Shub Lapissi Taavi-eno Kirain Maasa)

It's a four part series of 94.7% joke games that got out of hand just like Kung Fu. (only the end product of that will have some no-joke-kickass merit)
I really don't have anything to say, so I'll let the games speak for themselves.

Note: I'm pretty sure you can beat the first two ones no problem, but the third and fourth one have some (ok in the fourth it's like half of them) plain impossible/unplayable/shitty levels. Press DELETE to skip a level.

DOWNLOADS: Games 1-3 Fourth

Next blog will be some deeper kungfu stuff probs, and the following will be more of my old shit.

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Can you KLIK 50?

Game File: 

Klik 50! Click fifty Glorious Gems!

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An event

Never Say Stalemate

Game File: 

The most famous Chess endgame.

Requires the numpad to move.

High-technological AI included!

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Pirate Kart 2
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Wasabi of Joy Fun


WASABI is on journey. He must intimidating the EVIL FLAVOR MONSTER ARMY. He can only do so by SURVIVING LONG TIME with the power of LUCKY MAGIC and YOUR HELP.

Seven levels of MADNESS!!

Made by James Mystery

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A quick reflexes game by Lynx

Press an arrow key before hitting the middle of the screen to travel that direction.
Collect power bubbles!
Press spacebar when powerbar is full to slow down.

Post your highscores!

Use the mouse to click on the sides to move in that direction!
Press the middle of the screen to use powerup.
Try to bet the highscore which is now at 79 and set by sergiocornaga of Glorious Trainwrecks!

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This is my first time actually coding a game, so I thought I'd work with the simplest structure I thought possible: visual novels. In no way could I reach the 2 hour mark with absolutely no code experience for this event, so I extended it to 2 days. In that time, I learned a lot and had to figure a few things out on my own. Still, when I hit that 2 day mark, I had to put it down. The whole concept was to take a space shmup I have never played and make a back story to it (since translations were fantastically bad back then).

I logically chose the game with the giant fish and this is what came of it.

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A Proper Occasion for Ripped Sprites


In celebration of the 25th, I have crafted 25 mini-levels to jump through!

I went waaaay overtime on this.

MMF2 has really lousy performance when it comes to rotating/scaling sprites in software rendering.

Shift jumps.
Hold Shift to jump higher, and to bounce higher off the note blocks.
Don't leave any edge of the screen.
Don't hit any Spinies.
Grab the Super Mushroom. If there are coins, grab them first. Then the Super Mushroom will appear.
You can bounce upward off the top corners of the note blocks.
You can go to any number level by typing that number into the File -> Password dialog.
The "Ow, that really huuurht!" voice clip was by Malefact. Sorry.

Edit: You might want to install the "Arcade" font to play this, but it's totally optional.

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