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Beautiful Experience III: Desert Experience

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you know what they say,

when in doubt, sequel. unless it's the fifth mozart

for imaginary bonus points pretend that the sand formations make a 'path' you have to walk on

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Santa Vs. Cops



A ridiculously over-ambitious attempt to make a game in which Santa attempts to deliver presents while avoiding the cops who want to catch him. It ended up devolving into a game where Santa places exploding presents to blow up hoards of oncoming cops. Use the arrow keys to move, and press X to place a present. When it all goes to hell and Santa dies, press R to start over.

Spencer Green
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An event
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Pong Like It's 1999


Home for winter break, I stumbled upon my old KNP folder on a dusty Micron PC. Submitted for your horror: a pair of Pokémon-themed pong games I made in KNP back in 1999. The games are left unaltered from their original states. The sprites, music selections, prepubescent "voice acting," readmes, and bugs are all as I left them. The only thing I did today was compile them in KNP and zip them up.

First, a Pokémon themed KNP pong game I made back in 1999 and never released online. Somewhat intriguing for the terribly balanced "voltorb" ball which either player can attack to force an instant stalemate, and the poorly-rendered sprites made in Microsoft's 3d Movie Maker (which was itself a source of video trainwrecks back in the 90s).

Player 1: W and S move, Z shoots.
Player 2: Arrows move, Shift shoots

Second is a surrealist reflection of 90s media culture in the form of an overly long pong boss battle between Misty from Pokémon and a demonic version of that dancing baby from that early internet video. Ash Ketchum's head is the ball. And the baby throws diapers ripped from a screenshot of Rugrats. And the background is a low-res photograph of a Lego Mindstorms "invention" with my fingers over the lens.

I released this one online for God knows why. Last year, I let Softpedia upload some of my older games to their site in a moment of weakness. This "new and fun Pong remake that will keep you busy for a long time" (their words) has somehow received 286 downloads to date from undiscerning netizens.

Move: Arrow keys.

NoybPongKNP.zip1.71 MB
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Episode 2 secret level replacement but if we don't get enough submissions I get dibs on the episode 1 secret slot (just don't change the name of my map plz). That means that whoever gets the map 1 slot is going to have to have the secret elevator edited in post jam.

I exported the map to just about every format that WDC allows just to be certain that it's compatible with as many editors as possible and I don't think that Wolfenstein cares about game versions so you could probably play it in any version that isn't a shareware release.

Can you comprehend the subliminal layout.

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Spooky Scary Skeletons


Who knew skeletons were so easily scared?

Recommended background music for extra spookiness: http://www.youtuberepeater.com/watch?v=x-agNTzk0a0

(I apologize for the dull level design. didn't have enough time and thinking up fun and interesting puzzles under pressure is harddd...)

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How Many Angels Can Shit on One Toilet

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The SERIOUS PHILOSOPHY GAME St. Thomass Aquinass always wanted to make.

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Pirate Kart 2
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1078 Weird Textures

Found this on The Internet Archive the other day.


There it's downloadable as a CD-sized ISO file, but the actual textures are only ~55MB (and are echoed in different formats: JPG, GIF, TGA, IFF, PIC). So I've uploaded the JPG versions of them somewhere hopefully a bit more handy. You should get a little preview of each image, and be able to download them all in a batch or one-by-one.


1078 Weird Textures.jpg16.38 KB

Power Up!

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Play as Ben Franklin and discovery electricity! Use the left and right arrows to move back and forth, trying to get the lightning to strike your kite. Build up enough power and win! Art by Kiki Snell.

Tim Elzinga
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Combat Princess Golf: Chihuahua Edition

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The evil Dr. Chihuahua has kidnapped your pet chihuahua "Snuggles" and is planning on assembling his very own chihuahua army to attack Planet Earth! As Combat Princess, you must thwart Dr. Chihuahua's plans by solving his devious minigolf course!

Made for the Pirate Kart V Kickstarter rewards.

Edit: Better version here: http://www.glorioustrainwrecks.com/node/2261

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