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Unnatural Brutality released


So here it is. My first game trainwreck ever released. 2 player mayhem full of lasers, rockets, swords, Black Sabbath and sharks. Controls are bit shitty, so don't forget to read the txt. And that it's two player only.

Hope it's crappy enough to place it here.

Next one - Unnatural Brutality Ex - Human Slaying Mechanism!

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I've spent nearly all day playing some trainwrecks. Some people are really high, high
So this is probably good time to announce my first train. If anybody cares. Nobody? Crap.
It will be two player, as I haven't seen any 2p game here. Many stupid attack moves and sounds. Street Fighter II parody. Kind of.
And now, let's have some Doom.

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So here it is. It kind of only works for part of the map for some reason, so I'd need to find a more object-efficient technique, I think, if I wanted to continue working on this.

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Having been thoroughly inspired by snapman's brilliant Tek Demo, qrleon's glorious cracktro, and the recent discovery of some excellent Vic-20 demos, I have come to the startling conclusion that it should actually be possible to create a raycasting engine in Klik & Play.


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TEK DEMO is the full game

Let me repeat that: TEK DEMO is the full game. (Not a demo)

You are Tek Demo, on a quest to find the missing gems! Marvel at the lush realistic graphics, and unbelievable advanced special effects! Featuring no less than three title screens, Tek Demo is my most ambitious KnP trainwreck to date. By my records, the first version of this game's engine is over 8 YEARS OLD, and was never released online. After hearing about Glorious Trainwrecks on Tigsource (which I heard about for... other reasons) I knew I had to finally complete a game using this engine/trick/technique/whatever. So this is my gift to you, internet. A little bit of knowledge for an obsolete game maker nobody uses anymore. I hope you like it!

note: If the full version starts acting weird at some point, try the lite version. It has less data, which might avoid the collision detection freezing up.

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Well if it isn't Confusing Game Day

Still fooling around with KNP. Need to find a suitable replacement but I'm lazy. Construct might be good.

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heeeeerrrrreeeee's Johnny (Charisma)!

I'm back. This may be difficult to swallow in this age of superconnectivity, but I only got the internet piped into my not-enough-room-to-swing-a-dead-cat-let-alone-have-the-facilities-to-cook-it abode a couple of days ago. Sure, I had my whopping 6mb per day on the university computers, but I felt could not do this site justice by showing up and not being able to download and upload the gruesome trainwrecks. Various other things invaded my life to prevent me from getting the internet - for one, I embarked on yet another "maiden" voyage (boom-tish) which is still so involving that to game-o-bliggity-blog every nuance would require a development team the size of the chariot crowd in Ben-Hur.
A triumphant rhinoceros trainwreck to herald my return will be stampeding its way to your eyeballs and fingers, shortly!


P.S I was on the train platform the other day, and someone actually had a shopping bag which read "Hat World." Don't worry, Six, I served him the cease-and-desist while politely breaking his legs.

EDIT: And here it is, quicker than even I expected! I had the idea for this while outside, pressing 'c'. My gosh, it's lovely to be klikking again.
Oh My Guacemole I Forgot How Big The Internet Was

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The farthest limits of knp

My greatest KliK project is nearing an end: one way or another. Every which way I seem to advance in this project, the physical walls of the ancient KnP engine seem to close in. Adding a score counter to the game now causes the collision detection engine to go haywire after a few minutes of play. Adding even one active object to the play field maxes out the object availability, and ruins my environment engine integrity. Changing the layout of the level by moving one more object into the initial render window drops out the overlay layer.

I'm going to try and finish this thing this weekend. I may have to sacrifice a UI in order to keep the game stable. I'm on version 14 now, with each incremental update warranting a separate save, in order to avoid game corruption. Much like "A.M.O.S.D.", I'm nearing an impasse. Will I be able to surmount it? Stay tuned!

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Yiepipipi World


Vin aalgras vu tin ti yok Yiepipipi dans le schliebillia elus! 6 Etats coovo din di yikko Yiepipipi vus yaggrah. Tel noin?

So, Klik & Play has been kind of crashy for me, and despite that I've continued to use it out of laziness. A runtime error in AMOSD broke the last straw, so I'm gonna try to stay away from it except for KOTM.

The race track uses a SEQUENCER!

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So, I finally got around to finishing up and packaging up the game that I'd intended to submit to the Poppenkast 3-hour game-development competition. I think it's actually pretty much the best game I've ever made, from a mechanical perspective.

It's called fragment, and you should totally check it out.

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