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Shirtspeare Shirtspeare Revolution: The Designening

I want a Shakespeare Shakespeare Revolution t-shirt. I am not a graphic designer. Here is what I have:

Now, I would not be ashamed to wear such a shirt, but I wonder if it couldn't be punched up a bit. And I wonder if you fine people would like to help!


  1. I've doctored the screenshot enough that I wouldn't find it a terrible sin to replace the default Klikfont with some real Shakespearean shit.
  2. If there's a spot that would be drastically helped by the addition of a different colour, it needs to be a great big spot that I can block off with masking tape, and not a detail.
  3. Where does the glow-in-the-dark go? Shakespeare's sunglasses? The word "SPLEENY"?
  4. Definitely needs more hamburgers/umbrellas.

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eh wot.


Construct's physics behaviour continues to operate in a way that is both incomprehensible and strangely compelling to play with. Damned if this is doing anything I expected it to, but I really like how his arms move of their own accord from the get-go.

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KNPGen v0.1

Announcing KNPGen -- a tool for randomly generating Klik & Play screenshots!

It works like this: First, you need to generate the cache of KNP images to use, so drag a directory full of IMG files onto KNPGen.exe. Once the cache exists, you can just run KNPGen.exe on its own to generate new screenshots using that library. If you run KNPGen.exe on its own without a cache, it will scan the current directory, so you can plunk it in with a Klik & Play game to remix it.


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Been there, done that, and yet...

I just realized this morning that I desperately want a Shakespeare Shakespeare Revolution t-shirt.

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this came to me in a dream this morning:
I don't know what, if anything, it "means" but I was proud to be able to pull together a java version in like 5 or 10 minutes.

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little isometric castles


So, kind of a counter point to smashenfreude,
iso is all about the joy of building...

mouse and mousebutton to build, space clears, m toggles the bricks' mortar.

lately I've been thinking about how important motion and kinetics are to me, game-wise.
Maybe I'm more of a toymaker than a gamemaker! I certainly seem to do jack and squat when it comes to level design.

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a truck on which to dump stuff

Felt bad about having so many little, unfinished things on my hard drive, so I dun fixed'em up. Most of it is from last year.

Inter-dimensional Fish: Can you make it to vacation island without losing your parallel selves?

Ninja: I wanted to see how much I remembered about my first, awful game. The MIDI song choices are 99% accurate!

Ultimate Maze: Ultimate Maze will put your maze escaping skills to the test. Then it will break you into a million pieces. You might as well not even attempt to escape, let alone download Ultimate Maze.

Holy Animal Olympics: Old prototype for the TIGS "bootleg demake" compo. I didn't pursue it because it was just a one-note gag, not really touching on anything that made Zoo Race funny in the first place.


Sensitive Elbows: This is the only one of substantial length. The first installment of the YOU ARE INJURED GO TO THE DOCTOR RIGHT NOW trilogy.
edit: oops, uploaded an old version. fixed

Different Place


It took 6 days to create the Earth.
It took 2 years to create Another World.

It took 2 hours to completely ruin it.

Different Place is what Another World could've been. If it was designed in Klik'n'Play. By a 13 year old. Armed with the KNP sprite editor.

(Only a demo right now, though, and there probably won't be a full version unless I have lots of free time)

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We're almost two years old

Glorious Trainwrecks Dot Com is turning two years old on the 24th of April (less than three short weeks!), and while I don't have the stamina to put together a Year Two collection, I am planning a little birthday surprise for all of you wonderful people. But it's a secret! Shhhh.

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Boring Cockpit game in VR Studio

Wordrescue and I had a plan to make an entry for the Cockpit Compo, but a combination of forgetting about the compo until the day before the end of the extended deadline, and not having any particularly concrete ideas resulted in a game about being bored while playing a Virtual Reality Studio game. Behold the amazing combination of my uninspired 3D city and WordRescue's clever pixelart cockpit:

The mouse-only controls are in red around the cockpit, placed in unintuitive and annoying locations The meter on the left measures how bored and upset with the game you're becoming. First time I've ever got one of those status bars to work in a 3D Construction Kit game!

In an effort to avoid dying of boredom, you can try to fight a gigantic enemy crab (shown glitching during its space-invaders attack pattern). Even targeting his weak point for massive damage does little to stop the fatal tedium.

Inevitably the boredom meter maxes out, and you die.

Other interesting facts: even though I set the initial conditions and default border, the stand-alone executable doesn't load correctly until you reset the game at least once. We might try to work on it again later, but not unless we get a good idea of what it should be about.

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