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Broken link the game

i'm a broken link... one day i'll exist and be renamed into something great... until then enjoy this adventure in its full linkbrokennessness. enjoy.

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The Girl in the Grove

This short, simple text adventure presents the (potentially darker) end of a fairy tale.

C VanEseltine
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Brothers: A tale of two sons

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75% Heartwarming
25% Indie
3% Epic Tale
99% Glorious
100% Trainwreck
0% Game

And it can probably be used to cut your fruit and veggies too, it's a heartfelt interpretation of a XBLA classic, a true legend that will be remembered for weeks to come, cozy up and curl into your sofa, for I present to you: Brothers: A tale of two sons.

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Indie Game: The Game: The Videogame


Navigate your way through the exciting world of indie games!

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W.U.1 Addendum

Attached are screenshots from my linked even/odd object pairing tests. There are two shots of the rope/grappling hook test (old version) and three from an attempt using the same idea to generate artillery-like landscapes. (I have it set up to make the ground in the middle steeper than the flatter terrain, in hopes of it generating mountains.)

Sorry about the boring solid-colored research-paper-like graphics, but I am just messing around with behaviors and effects right now.

rope1.gif2.76 KB
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land.gif2.93 KB
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It has just been revealed that sir_mud is really two cats fighting on top of a washing machine. More news of this development at http://mud.owlbox.net

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Pirate Kart 2
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Arrows and Mouse

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Dynamite Fishing Unleashed

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Step 1: Release Dynamite
Step 2: Wait
Step 3: Catch fish

no ending or title screen or whatever
to get in your way to enjoy a little quiet fishing

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Go Outside


Made by SpindleyQ.

Maybe you should
do something else.

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Dem Spambots

They're back or something. I think you should get to banning them before they flood the forum with CHEAP HANDBAGS.

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