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The Silent Song of Spiders (Final Version Holy Moly I Did It Mom)

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use the mouse to move the arm

left click to grab

place objects in body to empty hand

you can grab multiple objects in one click, but not in multiple. This means that you must empty your hand before you grab more.

i made this over the course of one sick, miserable day.

i hope you enjoy it, or at least don't hate it.
please review it i need positive reinforcement


*to the person who wrote me that poem i saved it, im sorry it got deleted. this version was made using your commentary. ily*

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An event
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Birch Photo.PNG

Made in 2015. I was debating whether or not I should upload this to GT when I first came here, since it was so amateur, unpolished, and doesn't exactly represent me as a designer anymore. Now that I've been here a little while, I realized that this is exactly where it belongs.

Description from my website:

"Birch is a small puzzle-platformer about codependency, made in GameMaker Studio.

This is technically the first video-game I made seriously. I was heavily inspired by Jonathan Blow’s Braid, and I wanted to be able to use puzzles in an artistic and meaningful way. I’m writing this a couple of years after the game’s creation. There are plenty of things that I would have done differently if I were to make the game again, but I’m genuinely proud of my work on this project, and I can think of a couple of levels that are especially good."

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An event

Giant Ant! Run!

First time working in Scratch and this is what I create, basically working off the random sprites it gave me. It couldn't have taken more than an hour. Enjoy???

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Break the Lasers


An attempt to make a Robotron clone to familiarize myself with Game Maker and get a feel for the 2-hour-jam format. Successful in that I'm now a lot better with Game Maker and like the format.

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An event
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The first game I've ever made in Klik and Play. Uh... yeah.

Try to shoot the blocks and get as many gems as you can and still reach the exit.

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An event
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No No Sleep


Keep awake by avoiding Unicorns, and maybe yourself.

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An event
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