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Proper is a game about behaving appropriate to the situation, being a respectable individual, doing things properly and leaving the room before you need to face the consequences of inevitably failing the former three. Save the game to preserve your high scores!

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KWFK (a HaLLoWeEn game)


A HalloWeEn game inspired by prompt 7 of 13 during the 13 Days of Halloween: Bite Sized Grab Bag event.

This was made with RPG Maker MV.
The game file I uploaded (for download) is just a zip file with the html5 build in it. I think it's compatible with all operating systems, but possibly not with all browsers. Just click on the index.html file to open the game. I'm not positive it will work.

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30 Games In 1 RollerCoaster DeathRide To InFinity You Will Die After You Play This And No One Will Come To Your Funeral

death ride.png

Hi! I did this event today instead of 18 days from now because I felt inspired. It's 30 games that I made in 2 hours. Warning: even though I felt inspired, these games are pretty much all horrible. Enjoy!

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The Curse Of The Magic Boots


A game kind of made specially for let-off-studios. Can you get rid of the curse of the boots?

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"I don't like Mondays" or "Who Really is the Cookiest Ghost in the Land?" or "Third time's the charm"


This is the first game in RPG Maker or RPG Maker 2003 that I ever made! I watched a bunch of tutorials and they told me to make this game, so here it is!

Tell me if you have any problems running this game.

Have fun!

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The Dungeon Of Mild Annoyance


Note: Try installing RPG maker 2003 if game doesn't work.

This is the result of me trying to make an RPG maker game while simultaneously trying to learn how to operate RPG maker. The plot tries to mimic ihavefivehat's style (read: thanksgiving game, miss the point, etc) a bit. there are three "endings" so i recomend saving as soon as you open the interdimetional rift. Hopefully this RAR file actually contains a functional game.

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Missin the point


Made for klik of the month 91

I had to work yesterday, so I did it today instead.

This is a game about missing the point.

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Final Final Final Final Fantasy xii-iii-x-vi-vii-C-x-x: Dawn Of Sorrorow



Also this is the first time I've tackled RPG Maker XP.
The Basic RPG Maker XP controls:
Space-Action Button
Arrow Keys- Move Menus
etc. etc.

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Vindication is a traditional RPG created in RPG Maker 2003 over the course of more than five years. It uses a real-time battle system similar to Final Fantasy games from the SNES and PSX eras. The game is about 15-30 hours long and features several side-quests and multiple difficulty settings, with eight major playable characters.

Vindication is a constant barrage of off-the-wall comedy; a game where eccentric characters encounter absurd situations non-stop. The humor assaults the player at full-speed as the characters are assaulted by 80s style robots from the future, struck by meteors, and forced to take pity on villains who try their best to be evil but fail miserably. But in its more serious moments, Vindication is primarily the story of one man, James Clyde. His quest for revenge against those who have wronged him rules his life, but begins to conflict with his desire to protect his daughter, while a force capable of destroying the world is left unchecked, even encouraged. It is an epic tragedy hidden within a whirlwind of wacky hijinks and terrible puns.

While unarguably a story-driven game, Vindication also strives to create a meaningful challenge for the player. Each character has a unique set of abilities which must be utilized to their fullest to overcome a variety of obstacles. Constant party changes and splits keep you on your toes and require you to come up with new battle strategies constantly, while still rewarding you for developing your team members and building your strength. On the harder difficulty setting, the game plays almost like a survival horror game, with very limited resources and no way to replenish them, forcing you to manage your items wisely in order to survive the dungeons and defeat the bosses, which are stronger and faster than usual.

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Welcome to Grosstown, a place where being disgusting is the only way to live. Unfortunately, an evil monster seems to be lurking in the sewers, the towns source of water and nutrition. It's up to you, PUS, to save the town.

Or it would have been if I'd finished!

Arrows to move, enter/Z key to interact.

Open RPG_RT to run (the icon is a guy with a sword)

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