Planning the Glorious Trainwrecks @ BBCastles Instillation

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Thu, Mar 01 2018 08:00 PM
03/01/2018 - 20:00
03/29/2018 - 20:00


Ok, so it got approved! Yay!
It opens on the 29th of March and will stay up for 3-4 weeks.
It's at:
145 W 14th St.
New York, NY 10011

Let us figure everything out!

As a refresher, this what we agreed on before, but we can change little bits of this:

"Glorious Trainwrecks"(name tentative) is a salon style group show curated by and featuring many members from the Glorious Trainwrecks community. The games will consist of games made for a specific Glorious Trainwrecks Babycastles game Jam and older games that have been submitted to the site over the years. Based on the amount of submissions, games will be shown on as many computers as possible. Based on submissions and computers available, some computers will have multiple games on them which will change by a timer. The amount of games shown will reflect the diversity of members on the website. There will be a computer/group of computers where people can make plingpling games that can also be shown in the gallery. The show will coincide with the release of a Glorious Trainwrecks CD/Zine that will be available.

Thank you to those who made it to the last meeting on short notice.
It was also a great time finally seeing what a lot of you mystery icons look like in real life! :-)

We are meeting March 10 at 7PM EST!
hop in the discord to coordinate

Also, here's the link to our Discord that we've been talking in. :-)

Here are the notes from the last meeting and for previous meetings.

We will need plenty of help with this in NY and outside of NY.
If someone wants to make posters and such, those responsibilities will be listed here.

  1. Riley - Zine
  2. JP - Launcher Software
  3. Everyone - Make a poster please and post it here*
  4. Everyone - to make games
  5. Yuxin, Flan, Josie, Blake, and Dennis - Instillation Crew

*see more in promotion section about making a poster

All submissions are due by March 14th @ 12:00 AM EST.
Please restate what you want to submit in the comments below if you want to submit something from a past event.
This should either be a game you have already made for Glorious Trainwrecks, or a new game for this event.
Also, if you can, please submit executable files (.exe) for ease of making things work on the computers that we have.
If you have something other than that, please send me a direct message.

I will provide a list and links to each game here soon.
Submit as many games as you'd like, but if something happens in regards to the launcher that we are going to make, we may need to have one game per person.

The game jam will be an Adver-Game jam where we post ads for the show inside of games that we spam to, game jolt, and new grounds.
A link to this jam should be available soon.

I'll make a quick sketch of how things may be laid out soon.

To give people a real reason to come out, we thought of some physical versions of games on this site.

Here is a short list of ones we talked about re-creating:

  1. Scramble The Eggnog
  2. Destroy Your Home
  3. Flickgame
  4. "What does glorious trainwrecks mean to you"
  5. Yellow Jogger Cosplay, YOU GET IN FOR FREE
  6. You Have to Put the Ball in the Cup
  7. You have to put the metroid in the samus

a lot of these are documented in the google docs meeting notes

This will be a checklist for all the things we need for the event.

  1. Computers - 8/100
  2. Keyboards - a couple/?
  3. Trackballs - a couple/?
  4. Posters Printed - 0/?
  5. amount of zines - 0/?
  6. Cardboard for brick boxes - 0/?
  7. Paint for cardboard - ✓
  8. Egg nog/egg cartons/eggs - 0/?
  9. egg timer - 0/1
  10. QWOP Bear for kissing - ✓
  11. ball for cup - ✓
  12. cup for ball - ✓
  13. projectors - ✓
  14. screens - ✓
  15. makeup - ✓

If we have any more events or specific things like that, we should all have ideas for things like this.
If any of you play music or anything like that and will be in the New York area when that is happening, please let us know!
Just throw out really crazy ideas for events too, like literally anything, brainstorm. :-)

1. a klik of the month klub

  1. this will be a very inclusive, open to the public event
  2. game engines like pling pling, flick game, klik n play, and more will be available on computers in the space
  3. it should happen on a saturday and be 2 hours long
  4. it should be fun and wacky, casual
  5. people should post their games to glorious trainwrecks by the end of it
  6. pirate kart

2. an opening event

ihavefivehat and I were talking about a comedy x music thing that could be in theme with the vibe of glorious trainwrecks
we were thinking of something kind of in the style of blue jam where the music selection is experiment is interspersed with comedy that is more in conversation with performance art to the extent where the comedy and music start and end right up next to one another very abruptly. There would be several short acts, 3-4, about 10-20 minutes each, over the course of the opening event, which would be from 8pm to 11pm and live streamed over the internet. These will be spaced out so to not distract from the instillation/games.

these are some possible people we were thinking of reaching out to soon

  1. Lillyan
  2. Harry
  3. Lary Owens
  4. dreamcrusher
  5. this video isn't of his solo electric thing, but this is ihavefivehat's brother's band that he fronts
  6. ???
  7. we would like to have 3-4 comedians and 3-4 music acts and are looking for more suggestions

3. a closing event : talk/interviews

This is the least fleshed out as of right now, but I would like to reach out to Glorious Trainwrecks people to be interviewed at the closing.
these are all people we should try to reach out to to be interviewed or to interview


  • Jeremy Penner
  • interviewers

    1. Naomi Clark
    2. Frank Lantz
    3. Tim Rogers
    4. Mattie Brice

    again, all of these people haven't been asked yet, just spitballin',
    please provide suggestions in the comments or on the discord!

    How will we promote these things?

    Everyone can make a poster and submit it here,
    Information that needs to be on the posters will be posted soon, hopefully tomorrow. 8-)

    The adver-game jam will also be used as a promotional tactic. 8-)

    Do we want to just do Glorious Trainwrecks X Babycastles?
    I like that it could be pronounced "glorious trainwrecks cross babycastles" like "street fighter cross tekken"

    Here are names we came up with so far: Glorious Trainwrecks, Glorious Trainwrecks x Babycastles, Wizardcastle, Glorihorse Yellowcastle, yellow jogging babycastles, Glorious wizardcastle, "bureau of corrections, guatemala", Glorious Trainwrecks @ Baby Castles, GT: BC, BC: GT, At Babycastles, babywrecks, traincastles, glorious baby: castlewreck, traincastle babywreck, babytrain glorycastle

    Please comment about all of these things below.
    Thank you for your enthusiasm and participation!

    map.png27.21 KB
    party.jpg82.46 KB
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    babycastles_floor_plan.png1.47 MB

    Games made for Planning the Glorious Trainwrecks @ BBCastles Instillation

    NameCreatedsort iconByScreenshotComments
    FALLOUT 511/29/2015 - 06:27nuuupafallotur.png2
    Wizard Shoes for Speedos01/04/2018 - 18:50Feverdream JohnnyCover.PNG18
    The Citadel03/11/2018 - 15:02avery2018-03-11 21_57_36-the citadel.png5
    Share The Eggnog03/12/2018 - 11:16spiral1
    YOU CAN ONLY DIE 80 TIMES03/14/2018 - 13:09wendywildshapeitch.png11
    Mummenschanz03/14/2018 - 17:49HealyMum screen.png1
    Crying: A Flickgame by me03/15/2018 - 14:09Healy0
    pfft03/15/2018 - 18:40wendywildshapetile.png1
    stoic03/15/2018 - 18:45wendywildshapeitch.png2
    TRAIN WRECK03/15/2018 - 18:48wendywildshapetile.png3
    Hostile Interview03/15/2018 - 21:22thatguynmhi4.png2
    JIGGLY ZONE03/15/2018 - 22:38sylvieload2.png11
    DRACULOID03/16/2018 - 02:29TheCakeFlavorbat.png4
    Pastoral: A Flickgame03/16/2018 - 03:53Healy0
    Wossisname in: Wossisname Makes a Choice (a flickgame)03/16/2018 - 04:23Healy0
    don't give up03/17/2018 - 03:42hugsdga1sm.png2
    peace or violence03/20/2018 - 23:13TheCakeFlavor0
    Numerous Wizards04/09/2018 - 06:30SpindleyQnumerouswizards.png5
    The Intracycle11/07/2018 - 09:55TrouvDiagram Intracycle.png2


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    I think the KS+ cabinets

    I think the KS+ cabinets should be modded in a way such that The Cursed Gallery is always one of the first things shown (being the latest GT collab) and all other levels should be spread out in a random order that changes every time the "Play" menu is opened. Otherwise, the levels on the first page would always be played more than the levels on any other page.

    EDIT: Actually we wouldn't need to mod KS+ itself if there was just a program that renamed the .knytt.bin files to place random characters at the start every time the "Play" menu was opened.

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    Advergame event page is up.

    Advergame event page is up. See youse all this weekend~

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    I'm not sure anymore if I

    I'm not sure anymore if I can come, but I'd submit these if I still can:

    Uploaded my game 'Fallout 5'

    Uploaded my game 'Fallout 5' to Babycastles. I really want to become rich, famous, and everything in between by doing this. It's what I have looked for since I've started developing "games". With this, I can finally reach a higher level of capitalism than Donald Trump and, subsequently, become the successor of Kanye West. I had to choose my most accessible game, just so that I can come out with my most provocative statement later on. Just like a true artist, like mr. West.

    I love every single one of you.


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    Feel free to use any of my

    Feel free to use any of my games on here if you think they'd work for the event. I'd probably favour Ur-lie or foliakatra.

    Edit - just seen the post above about the spreadsheet so added those two games there. But whatever will work best to showcase the wonder that is Glorious Trainwrecks.

    Also - everythingistaken - I don't see your game 100 on the list. Are you planning to submit it? It was one of my favourite games of last year and and is somehow essentially GT.


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    My Submission

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    Hey, I made a thread for organising zine stuffs:

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    Simultaneous GT event

    I very much like the idea of an event on GT happening during the exhibit like let-off-studios mentioned. My preference though would be that the event on GT last the entire event, perhaps ending a day or two after the babycastles exhibit closes. What I would hope from this is that some person would wander into the babycastles event, be inspired by it, and them come here and participate in the online event.

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    Oh hey, this is neat. I

    Oh hey, this is neat. I wonder if we could do it kinda like we did the GDC 2012 event, where we have a dedicated computer that just loads all the games created for this event.

    I say this absolutely not having the ability to program or set up anything or being involved in any material way with this event's planning.

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    i would be really happy to show 'three short nights in sin city' if it's possible. it probably only makes sense if there's headphones available.
    i think it's a good fit for exhibition format cause there's no progression, ie the whole thing is accessible at any time.

    it has some drugs in it, if that's a problem i could probably make a kids friendly version.

    in any case i'm really happy this is happening :)

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    can i submit this

    can i submit this one?
    or if there's another game you think would be a better fit that'd be cool too. i think blake mentioned wanting to have a computer running bravitzlana. any of my games are fair play if you'd like to use them. I'm going to try to be there for the opening.

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    I'm into this too.

    I'm into this too.

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    My game

    Also, I keep forgetting to say that I'd like 100 Free Assets to be my game :)

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    Now that we're planning to

    Now that we're planning to include trackballs and the like with the arcade cabinets, a modded version of KS+ is no longer needed and this is way more plausible. I'm happy to put together a prospective set of levels, but chime in if there's something you'd like to see included!

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    we now have a spreadsheet for listing all game submissions and relevant info for each game. please add your game to this spreadsheet if it is not already listed, and fill in any missing info if it is listed:

    also, the submission deadline has been pushed back to March 16 as of yesterday's google hangout.

    also also, this is a reminder that there will be a special showcase at the exhibition for physical, printed versions of flickgames. if you've made a flickgame and you'd like to see it hanging on a wall, or displayed on a table, please check out the spreadsheet for ideas and submission instructions.

    My submission!

    So excited for this! Here's my submission:

    It's a twine game so it works on mac / pc or web, and has mouse controls.

    A 100% playthrough takes like 30 minutes to read everything and get all the endings
    A single route takes between 2-5 minutes, depending on the choices

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    The idea of advergames for this event was floated, so I decided to try my hand at some. Here's what I made.

    Edit: don't redistribute these yet, I should add the date to the game.

    bbycast-1.0-mac.zip16.82 MB
    bbycast-1.0-pc.zip31.68 MB
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    Re-read this page, I have updated most all of it and most of it is different now.
    If anyone has any questions I haven't answered, I'll try to address you tomorrow. 8-)


    This is put together very well! I like how you included the splash screen at the end. It seems a lot more sophisticated than what I was planning to make, and has an excellent vibe about it... a balance between taking itself very seriously and the ridiculous scenario and solidly-executed tie-in to the event.

    I laughed when I went through all three possible first choices. I guess that's what I wanted to say. :)

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    can we clarify what the

    can we clarify what the deadline is? "midnight on the 13th of March" sounds like it means the first minute of march 13th, but my impression from our chat was that it would be the first minute of march 14th. also, if the time is important, then shouldn't the time zone be specified?

    if my original impression was correct, then a less ambiguous way to phrase it could be: "March 14th at 12:00 AM eastern time"

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    Cool, I changed it.

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    Hi, I am here now. This is

    Hi, I am here now. This is very exciting.

    I would like to submit something. Probably something old unless some inspiration strikes. I would maybe like to submit two or three somethings, but I'm not sure if that's kosher?

    Also, I am in Baltimore now. I might be tempted to make it up to New York to check this out. But that might not work with my schedule/money, so I don't know. I'd love to go up for a specific event, if there's anything I can do there or could help out. This will be really cool!

    I like Glorious Trainwrecks X Babycastles. It's just nice and good, especially since a lot of people won't know what Glorious Trainwrecks is.

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    Right-o, time for y'all to

    Right-o, time for y'all to try out my good-bad word vomit garbage games:

    If there is to be headphones, Might I Recommend Suspiciious:

    If there is not to be headphones, Please Looksee at Holiday Runer:

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    I'd like to put forward the

    I'd like to put forward the idea of a dedicated Knytt Stories (Plus) machine. 9 Boring Levels was submitted, and it might be nice to include a roster of other GT KS creations alongside it, such as our large collaborative levels. I do worry that they might not be an aesthetic fit with the exhibition, though. A lot of them are pretty polished? GT has always represented a lot of different approaches to gamemaking, so am I worrying over nothing here?

    Anyway, the main issue I foresee here is that Knytt Stories Plus relies on mouse control to select levels. We might be able to address this with a specifically modded version of the game, where level selection is more like the cutscene interface (i.e. you would just switch between different Info.png screens using the arrow keys, which could be easily converted to controller input). Since the KS+ source isn't available as far as I know, this would likely involve either asking egomassive to make this modded version or to pass the source to one of us who is able to, which I'm happy to ask about if there's support for the general concept.

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    Yay! Thanks for all the work

    Yay! Thanks for all the work you put in everythingstaken!

    I do graphic design work, so if you need posters designed I can help out with that, and similar tasks if need be. I won't be able to attend in person unfortunately, but would love to help from afar.

    In terms of a name... previous exhibitions are listed here, for reference. I'm perhaps most partial to Glorious Trainwrecks x Babycastles for simplicity's sake, but I also like the idea of a name that emphasizes the particular brand of hobbyist design this site focuses on - the idea that anyone can make a game. Maybe something like "D.I.Y. Trainwrecks", which would be pretty apropos if people can make games at the event itself. Actually, I kind of like just "Trainwrecks" too - it's pretty evocative! I'll think about it more over the next few days. I think I can do the hangouts thing too.

    In terms of games, I'm thinking about doing some edits/touch-ups to Depaysement and submitting that. It's a 10-15 minute game for windows with keyboard and mouse controls. It's sort of an introspective depressing thing though, and in my experience those don't play super well in gallery settings. So I'm not 100% sure on that yet.

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    Wednesday 10PM EST works well in my Timezone! I don't have a preference for any program.

    Can I vote to not call it 'Glorious Trainwrecks Goes to NYC' though? I don't see what New York really has to do with it, and it kinda whiffs of NY-self-centredness. I think just 'Glorious Trainwrecks' would be better.

    Very keen to help with the zine, so hopefully we can get a group organised for that in the chat.

    Could be fun to make some little games to act like 'posters' and dump them on Game Jolt and Newgrounds and Itch... Probably not actually useful advertising, but fun!

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    My Submission

    I'm going to be submitting a somewhat-finished version of VG2 for the event (basically, there's some "post-game" stuff I still need to make from scratch that I know I don't have time for yet, but it shouldn't seem like there's anything missing or unintentionally broken to people playing it casually), and I'm going to try to have it at a consistent state by March 15. EDIT: Oh dang I just noticed you saw the due date is on the 10th. I'll do the best I can...

    It uses a keyboard for controls, and nothing else.

    Based on playtesting so far, I'd say it takes two hours to complete, from start to finish. I think this is unreasonable to expect one person to do while they're visiting, but what I imagine is that people would pick it up from where the previous players left off and check it out for like 5-15 minutes. Or however long they want to play it, really! The global state of the game can fluctuate wildly and I think it will only add to the experience to come in to the middle of a game. Kind of like when I used to rent N64 games from Blockbuster and I'd be too scared to delete other peoples save files, so I'd just load them and walk around and have no idea what was happening.

    Ideally, I'd like the game's save file to be reset at the start of each day so people will always have a chance to experience it from the start. It'd be kind of funny for it to snowball into a unrecognizable mess, but not if it was constantly like that for a month. Also, how much room would I have to explain the context of it, like a piece of paper sorta plaque next to the computer?

    I'm making it in Clickteam Fusion which basically requires it to be PC only, but ime so far it's worked perfectly while run in WINE on Linux, and that should be no different on a Mac OS. So I don't think OS compatibility will be a restriction.

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    i think "Glorious

    i think "Glorious Trainwrecks x Babycastles" would be a better name; it's more precise and concise. i imagine "Goes to NYC" would be kind of weird for GTers who already live in new york.

    i would like to submit "I Jab at Thee":

    it's a web game and takes less than 5 minutes to finish.

    2 players, keyboard only. controls are WSD for player 1, arrow keys for player 2. babycastles could theoretically use something like joy2key to add xbox controller support if they really want to, in which case i'd recommend mapping each player's controls to the left joystick.

    wish i was back in new york to help with this...

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    Will Babycastles accept any

    Will Babycastles accept any newly made games that aren't specifically submitted to this event?

    decky's picture

    also, there should be a

    also, there should be a mouse available in case the game frame loses keyboard focus (you would need to click on it again to regain focus).

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    Just submit it before the 10th!

    everythingstaken's picture


    That sounds great! I like that idea a lot and that game would work very well!

    everythingstaken's picture


    Could it be played on something like an Xbox controller though?
    Also, yeah, if you can give me some sort of document that would explain the game briefly, that would be nice to have next to it.

    everythingstaken's picture


    I like the dumping games like posters idea. That would be pretty funny. :-)

    TheCakeFlavor's picture

    I'll be submitting the

    I'll be submitting the project I've been working on. It's pretty much done, although there's still a bit I want to do with it.

    Controls are bound to arrow keys and z, but can be rebound to whatever. I imagined it as an arcade cabinet game, so stick + button, but keyboard is fine.

    I can get it to run easily on windows, and I can get it running on mac/linux eventually with your cooperation. I'll be available for troubleshooting.

    The resolution is really inflexible, so I'll need to know what resolution the display monitor will be so I can change some variables.

    The game is just a simple shmup, so you could probably see all the content in less than 5 minutes, and enjoy playing for about 30 mins max.

    I don't have any good ideas for naming the event.

    I do like the idea of having small games around to advertise, I might make something for that.

    spiral's picture

    It does use only a couple

    It does use only a couple buttons in addition to the arrow keys, so I'm sure it could be mapped to a Xbox controller. I could try testing that out myself to see how well it gamefeelplays, and probably come up with a suggested mapping. I'm not sure how easily I could make that a direct feature of the game but I'll see what I can do.

    And I'll be excited to make a document :)

    I managed to completely pass by the due date for games until a moment ago- would it be OK if I like, have an incomplete version to submit on the 10th for setting up practice or whatever, and I send in an updated version later? The game itself is pretty small and only comes with a exe and a folder of music. And like, it's pretty playable as it is, I just want to make it more accessible and consistent.

    GT + BC

    Congrats on being approved for the exhibition. :)

    I can set time aside on Wednesday evening for Google Hangouts (although I must confess I've never used it before). If this is confirmed, then I will see you all there.

    It would be great to submit a new project for the exhibition, but due to personal time constraints I may end up submitting an older project for approval/inclusion. I'll have something to show regardless by 10th March.

    Re: event name... I kinda like the name babywrecks, but I'm noncommittal to any of the options. However, I think "glorycastle" sounds like a dirty word. If we wanted to go for a long title, I'd suggest Glorious Trainwrecks @ Babycastles, feat. Yellow Jogger & Spindley Q. Wizard.

    A potential event would be a two-hour, real-time game jam based on a theme submitted via Twitter hashtag or something during one of the weekends of the exhibit.