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for dattorz: KOOL GAME 2D

Screenshot - 8_01_2014 , 3_36_40 AM.png

i ended up spending longer than i had intended to on this game due to a combination of sheer laziness and a lack of any real programming talent! a lot of things are broken, and i would have liked to have made more levels/not so haphazard levels. oh well! i do hope that you enjoy this game!! i did have fun making certain parts of it!

music used is by lohstana david (cc-by)
libraries used in making this game: hump and hardon collider by vrld, advanced tiled loader by kadoba
if you want to do anything with my (scary) code or graphics, feel free.

mac build is untested.

object of game:
you have to get all of the fruits

wasd or arrow keys to move (though s/down doesn't do anything) move mouse to aim, click left or right mouse button to shoot

tab to toggle special challenge mode
f12 to cheat past a level

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Slush Switch



I only managed to think up 5 levels in the two hours, so you've got it easy this time.

Guide Li'l Slushy to the hole!

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Midnight Snack


You are the Pogo Fox! You're also really hungry!

- Move left and right with the arrow keys.
- Hit diamonds to establish checkpoints.
- Bounce off of platforms to gain points - but watch out, for the platform vanishes as soon as you land on it! And some platforms bounce you differently...
- You can only go through the padlock blocks by paying ten points each.
- Press Shift over the chrome pads to reset your points to zero and restore all platforms and padlock blocks.

- When hitting a checkpoint diamond, any opened padlock blocks that are on-screen will become permasolid, which should solve accidental backtracking issues.
- Hopefully solved an issue where the player might accidentally bypass a post-level checkpoint diamond without actually activating it.

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Flower Bubble Game!!!


This grotesque abomination is the epitome of all that is wrong with the world. I can't believe I made this. It will gnaw away at your soul until there is nothing left but an empty, shattered shell, and then replace it with pink ponies. I made this game for a particularly giddy ex-girlfriend, whom I then broke up with on the basis that she actually liked it. If you load this game up, you will regret it for the rest of your life. You have been warned.

This is a simple flower-picking game designed to eat up your free time. I don't really know what genre this falls under. Simplified farming simulator? We'll go with that.

There might be bugs. In fact, I'd be amazed if there weren't, because testing for bugs requires actually playing the game, and playing the game makes me want to claw my frontal lobe out. If you encounter anything game-breaking, just consider yourself fortunate that the universe deigned to conspire to end your gameplay session before you went mad.

Pick flowers
Blow bubbles
Sell flowers
Talk to the shopkeeper behind the counter every day

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Our Wedding: A Happy Anniversary Game


A game to commemorate our wedding. We got married in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and drove from Belvoir church to the reception in Malone House on a vintage David Brown Cropmaster tractor. Now you too can share our journey!

Thanny Mack
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Trampoline Goat


you are a goat having the time of your life on a trampoline. Eat passing cans, but watch out for exceedingly strong birds!!!!!!!

@tmsherma && @rattusRose
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Snail Racing


Try to pick the fastest snail in this exciting race!

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Pirate Kart 2
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